(PODCAST) Exploring the Intersections of Christian Mysticism and Esotericism: A Conversation with Joe

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Podcast Notes:

Welcome to the latest episode of the Mystery College Podcast. Today’s guest is Joe, affectionately known as ordinary Joe, who joins us for an enlightening discussion on Christian mysticism, hermetics, and the intriguing crossroads of various esoteric traditions.


  • Host (Jake): Welcomes Joe to the show.
  • Joe: Expresses gratitude for the opportunity to discuss his passion for esotericism and its relationship with various spiritual movements.

Discussion Highlights:

  1. Esotericism and Its Developments:
    • Joe delves into the recent advancements in esotericism and how it bridges seemingly disparate cultures, particularly the intellectual exchanges during the Hellenistic period between East and West.
  2. The Intellectual Silk Road:
    • Exploration of the historical dialogues between Greek and Buddhist philosophies.
    • Insights into the continuity of practices and the potential shared origins between Eastern and Western faiths.
  3. Joe’s Personal Journey:
    • Discusses his early attraction to Platonism and its relationship with Christianity.
    • Shares his experiences with depression and how imagination and esoteric practices like hypnosis and energy work aided his recovery.
  4. Influence of Franz Barden and Comparative Religion:
    • The impact of Franz Barden’s work on Joe’s understanding of Hermeticism and its similarities with Taoism.
    • Insights from his spiritual advisor, a Sister of Mercy and Tai Chi practitioner, enriching his perspectives.
  5. Meditations on the Zodiac and the Greek Mysteries:
    • Joe’s exploration of the zodiac and its significance in understanding the connections between different spiritual practices.
    • The revolutionary implications of the Greek mysteries’ links to Buddhism.
  6. Christian Mysticism and Comparative Pathworking:
    • The role of the zodiac in Christian mysticism.
    • Discussing the concept of spiritual grammar and the similarities across various traditions.
  7. The Essence of Mysticism and Spiritual Practice:
    • Joe emphasizes the importance of stillness, equanimity, and the role of the void in spiritual experiences.
    • Exploring the concept of Trinitarian procession in Christian theology.
  8. The Role of Mary in Christian Theology:
    • Discussing the significance of Mary as a vessel for divine manifestation.
    • The philosophical and spiritual implications of Mary’s role in the incarnation.
  9. Closing Thoughts:
    • Joe highlights the importance of the three transformations in spiritual practice.
    • The interplay of nature and grace in spiritual growth and understanding.


  • Jake: Thanks Joe for his insights and valuable contributions to the discussion.
  • Joe: Offers final thoughts and encourages listeners to explore their spiritual paths.


  • Host: Wraps up the episode and looks forward to future discussions on similar topics.

This episode provides a deep dive into the complexities of Christian mysticism, esotericism, and their connections with Eastern philosophies, offering listeners a comprehensive understanding of these fascinating spiritual intersections.

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