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We Teach Elastic Force Chi Kung, Franz Bardon's Complete Framework , Kabbalah, Hermetics, Intrinsic Energies, Meditation, Spiritual Ascension, Evocation, Invocation, Personal Mastery, Akasha (an insider technique) , Non-Dual Light (also an insider technique), You how to be a Teacher

Sharing Inside Knowledge

“Very few teachers disclose ALL of their techniques and strategies to their students. I believe that by giving my absolute best, the next generation of spiritual practitioners will be able to evolve the entire group consciousness. Psychic development is about being on the cutting edge of growth.  This is not just a practice, it is the key to living a lifestyle geared towards having peak experiences. Daily. For the rest of your life.”

Mark Rasmus
Founder of Elastic Force Chi Kung & Lead Instructor

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Secrets Now Unveiled

“It’s my goal for every person who is a genuine seeker on the path to have full access to the authentic knowledge of spiritual masters. Since early childhood, this has been my dream. Together with Sifu Mark Rasmus, For the first time ever, all the secrets are being unveiled!  

Jake Senn
Founder of Mystery College


If you’ve searched for the right spiritual community for a long-time, then there are no doubts that this could be a great fit for you. If you have practiced on your own & have not been getting the results you desire, then this online learning  community could be a catalyst for massive positive change.  

IF you’ve faced challenges with your lifestyle in the past, chances are that you tried addressing them with Herculean effort without getting the results you desired. 

As Einstein famously said, ‘”you can cannot solve a problem at the same level that you created it” 

Oftentimes, where we get stuck is where we are physically, emotionally, or mentally contracting ourselves to an idea, belief, or thought.  This also happens when we don’t have a community to reach out & help us

By practicing with a community of highly developed students & teachers who overcame these same challenges, you will automatically raise your vibrational state above your problems so that you will resolve them and heal. 

If you have difficulty concentrating, it will not a problem. By using the same positive reinforcement techniques that Olympic athletes & peak performers use to improve their performance time, we’ve developed an assortment of techniques that ensures you will exclusively experience gains & reinforce a positive self-image throughout your entire spiritual practice.

What you can measure spiritually, you can manage, develop & and exponentially grow to world-class peak levels of performance

By joining this site & subscribing to one of our courses, you are gaining access to a spiritual network that will help support & guide you along your path.

In addition to using the latest developments in Gamification, User motivation, community-building, and cutting-edge spiritual techniques, we’ve created a culture where accelerated spiritual development is the norm.

No matter what your spiritual goals are, we have a highly-developed framework in place that will help you get the exact results that you want in record time. 

At the Mystery College, we emphasize that living mindfully & intentionally is the most important aspect of spiritual development.

What matters more than the amount of  time you’ve practiced is the quality of enjoyment that you get out of it. By finding activities that bring your spirit joy, you can live & work through peak states of enjoyment for most of the day.

While you’ll find yourself doing regular meditation practices, more often than not you’ll discover ways to be cultivating your spiritual practice at peak performance levels throughout the day through our exclusive energy transmissions & a special form of lifestyle enhancement through journaling. 

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