About The Mystery College

A new way to Learn

The Mystery College was founded in 2022, during a one-year teacher's apprenticeship with Mark Rasmus in Mexico.

A Complete System

Since then, we've brought together the best teachings in martial arts, hermetics, & eastern spirituality to create a complete system of internal training–– from complete beginner to teacher

Learning Tailored for you

Our videos are based on real student questions, issues, and solutions. If somethings not covered in our course & students request it, we cover it.

An Abundance of Content

With over 1000s of videos and 100s of hours of content, you can expect that no stone will be unturned.

Unlock your Hidden Potential

Through our extensive lessons, communtiy, and practical teachings, you can unlock the abilities you've always dreamed of

Unlimited Possiblities

Using the Hermetic Framework, alongside intrinsic energies, internal martial arts, and power development training, you can develop every facet of human potential. Through this framework, you can HAVE ANYTHING (but not everything, as time is limited)

We started this site because we were unable to find a complete initiation system & program available on the web. There is simply not enough high-quality information on the web about the processes of internal martial arts, qi gong, intrinsic energies, Hermetics, evocation, or Kabbalah.

This type of  information exists almost exclusively in highly selective circles that don’t advertise new members (or want them, in order to maintain a higher quality inner circle.)  

Because of this most authentic seekers miss out on the opportunity to be initiated into the mysteries with a group.

Either people live too far from a high-quality practice group, they have family commitments, or they may simply believe they have to figure out EVERYTHING on their own. (Pro Tip––almost no one figures these things out on their own. A  community is vital to ensure fast & steady progress)

Now, with the mystery college, they can have an authentic initiation into a  mystery school, with complete information to help you not only lead a fulfilling spiritual life but also to help you lead a lifestyle worth remembering. 

What We Share in Our Courses:

We Teach Elastic Force Chi Kung, Franz Bardon's Complete Framework , Kabbalah, Hermetics, Intrinsic Energies, Meditation, Spiritual Ascension, Evocation, Invocation, Personal Mastery, Akasha (an insider technique) , Non-Dual Light (also an insider technique), You how to be a Teacher

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