Points Shop

Types of Sung, subcategories, and creating personal classifications

Mark, 40 mins. Learn how to create a classification for different types of Sung & Energies. Also applicable with clients, students and training partners.

Secret key to progress through hermetics (jing and sung 5 sense gate secret)

Mark, 5 minutes. Unlock this mystery by purchasing this key with the points you’ve earned. 🔑

Fajin of akasha, working with peoples akashic form & developing akashic will through intervals

Mark, 5-10 mins. Very advanced yet simple & understandable lecture.

Designing mental exercises based on life path, group sharing, Mastering all steps through the first three

Mark. 1hr 30 mins. Very dense lecture.

The 100-hour Talent Process: Causation Chains of Developing any Skillset you Desire

5 minutes of very applicable information. A short, dense burst of direction

Steps 2 mental exercise of Sense gates, choosing environments and activities, journal feedback, buying complementary EEG devices, creativity, clarity of practice & observation

A super interesting lecture on EEG devices & Developing clairvoyance. Using Sound-light machines, & gamifying skills development through biofeedback for hyper-accelerated development

Review of equanimity & how to train the Quadrapolar Magnets

Mark, 20 mins

Exchange Your Points

You can exchange your vital, Astral, Mental, & Akashic points here to purchase any items from the points shop. 

1 Vital point= $0.01, 1 Astral point= $0.10,

1 Mental Point= $1.00, 1 Akasha Point= $10.00 

Example: 7 astral points = $0.70, 7 mental points = $7.00 

To purchase an item, you’ll need to convert to convert points from one type to another to download. This is loosely based off of the alchemical practice of the “Three transformations,”  a staple practice of the Mystery College. 

These points are not redeemable for courses outside the points shop. 

You need to login to perform any exchange.