On this page, we have an extensive selection of resources in the form of books, websites, blog posts, Communities, Courses, and other programs you may take interest in. This page will be continually updated with submissions and recommendations we receive.

Mystery College Content

Here, we have some of our favorite goodies from the mystery college:

If you are interested in Qi gong, then check out Mark Rasmus' course, Elastic Force Chi Kung . It is an incredibly effective system for gaining energy sensitivity and will make your learning of any other intrinsic energy system at least 5x easer.

If Intrinsic Energies, Martial arts, or Tai Chi is your cup of tea, then I highly recommend Mark Rasmus's Course on the Intrinsic Energies.
. It has tons of drills & exercises to integrate internal martial arts principles & mechanics into everything that you do.

If you are interested in more advanced spirituality or Hermetics, then don't walk, Rush over to our courses page and enroll in to the Initiation into Hermetics course. It is by far the most comprehensive and clear system of practicing hermetics ever shared publicly on video.

If you are highly adventurous and want to explore our entire planetary system through working with spiritual beings, then definitely enroll in Mark Rasmus' Practical Magical Evocation Course. There is virtually nothing published on the subjects that are contained in this course. It is all of Mark's first-hand learning shared for the firs time.

IF you are seeking on of the highest spiritual paths of creation, then look no further than Mark Rasmus' Key to the True Kabbalah Course. You will learn everything you need to know to become a true Kabbalist in this course. This isn't your traditional forum Kabbalah where you start from earth & work your way up to the heavens–– In this course, you start from the top downwards!

If you are a teacher or are interested in becoming a teacher, then consider enrolling in Mark Rasmus' Course on Becoming a Teacher. In this course, you will learn how to give transmissions, how to help certain types of students, and how to ensure that the students you teach will gain both real spiritual and strength development in record time.

Our Favorite Books 

Check out our Book, Backdoor into Hermetics if you want a comprehensive book on Hermetics.

Check out the books by Franz Bardon to learn Hermetics
There’s Initiation into hermetics which is the magnum opus of his works, Practical Magical Evocation, & Key to the True Kabbalah. Our Courses used these works as a springboard into the initiation process. If you read these books, be advised that there are a lot of pitfalls and traps in his books. Things such as ” don’t move onto the next exercise until the previous one is COMPLETELY MASTERED” are better left ignored. Backdoor into Hermetics will help clarify these issues so you can progress much faster than traditionally.

There are tons of great books in the Bardon community to help you with gaining greater insight into your practice. We really like Rawn Clark’s Commentary, A Bardon Companion

If you are a history buff, buy a copy of the Nag Hammadhi texts .These text have ancient gnostic christian texts, as well as several ancient hermetic texts. Also the Emerald Tablet is also highly recommended. Also check out the Hermetica.

If you haven’t read the Kybalion already, it is a fantastic read to get a sense of what universal principles are like. A great book for a beginner

If you are looking to have ascention in this lifetime, then definitely check out Buddhism books from the Original Pali Cannon. In addition, at BDK America, you can access some of the highest quality buddhist translations 100% free from your computer. The most Influential book to Mark out of reading nearly a hundred books from Buddhism is “Wings to Awakening” by Thanissaro Bhikkhu. This book presents buddhism as a 3d holographic model & not a linear progression system. We take the same approach as Thanissaro to spiritual development, intrinsic energies and hermetics as well.

If you struggle with setting up successful habits fro your self, The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod is fantastic for getting your day set up in the right way–– starting off your day with meditation, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading, and writing can do wonders for you in very short durations of time. Additionally, Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg is excellent for establishing core habits, as is James Clear’s Atomic Habits.

Let me know if you have any books you recommend in the comments section!