The Complete Universal Initiation into Hermetics Masterclass

Jake · January 16, 2024

Transform Your Reality: Embark on the Ultimate Journey of Spiritual Mastery

This Course is a Practical Guide for succeeding in the Hermetic Framework as laid out by Franz Bardon

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In an age where the mystical and the magical are gaining unprecedented attention, there’s a need for a grounded, authentic path in the vast sea of esoteric knowledge. The internet is awash with information on occult and mystical practices, yet finding a source that is both profound and practical can be a challenge. This is where our course, based on Franz Bardon’s seminal work “Initiation into Hermetics,” stands out.

While many are content with superficial understanding or get lost in overly complex or outdated practices, this course aims to bring you back to the essence of true hermetic wisdom. Forget about being an “arm-chair magician” – our goal is to transform knowledge into tangible, impactful magical practice.

Welcome to a transformative journey that transcends the ordinary, guiding you through the mystical realms of Hermetics. The Complete Universal Initiation into Hermetics Masterclass is not just a course; it’s a comprehensive pathway to unlocking the secrets of the universe, mastering the elements, and discovering your true potential. This premium online masterclass is your key to a profound understanding and practical application of hermetic principles, designed for those who dare to change their reality and ascend to new heights of spiritual enlightenment.

Why Join This Masterclass?

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Over 190 meticulously structured lessons spanning theory, practical exercises, astral work, mental mastery, and physical alchemy.
  • Exclusive Access: Gain access to unique teachings, including Qi Gong, automatic writing, elemental meditations, and advanced hermetic practices not available anywhere else.
  • Personal Transformation: Experience profound personal growth and spiritual development, unlocking new dimensions of your consciousness and abilities.
  • Expert Guidance: Learn from a seasoned practitioner with years of experience in hermetic philosophy and spiritual teaching.
  • Community Support: Join a vibrant community of fellow seekers on the same path, offering support, insights, and companionship.
  • Lifetime Access: Enjoy lifetime access to the course materials, including all future updates and additions.

Led by seasoned magician and teacher Jake Zen, this course doesn’t just teach you; it immerses you in the authentic practices of hermetic magic. Jake brings years of experience and insights from his own journey, including lessons learned directly from spiritual entities through rigorous practice.

What This Course Offers:

  • Practical Mastery: Learn to harness the powers of the Hermetic principles in a way that is effective, transformative, and rooted in tradition.
  • Spiritual Insights: Gain unique transmissions and insights that enhance your ability to work harmoniously with various spiritual energies and muses.
  • Comprehensive Understanding: Explore the depths of Hermetic wisdom, filling gaps often left by both Western and Eastern mystical traditions.
  • Direct Application: Develop the ability to safely engage with a wide array of spiritual practices, including all practices using Bardon’s methods in IIH.
  • Advanced Techniques: Learn to create powerful magical circles and amplify your magical practices, multiplying their effectiveness.
  • Ethical Practice: Understand how to reap the benefits of magical work without incurring the karmic debts often associated with spiritual work.
  • Deepening Your Knowledge:

This course is not just an introduction to Hermetic principles; it’s a deep dive into the core of mystical practice. Whether you are new to the world of the occult or looking to deepen your existing knowledge, this course offers a rich, comprehensive journey through one of the most influential works in Western esotericism.

  • foundational Understanding of Hermetic Principles: Gain a solid grounding in the core principles of Hermeticism, providing a strong base for further esoteric studies.
  • Enhanced Mental Clarity and Focus: Develop a sharper, more focused mind through practices that emphasize concentration and mental discipline, essential for effective magical work.
  • Emotional Balance and Control: Learn techniques for managing and balancing emotions, leading to greater inner harmony and enhanced personal relationships.
  • Increased Sensory Awareness: Cultivate heightened sensory perception, enabling a deeper connection with the surrounding world and subtler planes of existence.
  • Deepened Meditation Practices: Master advanced meditation techniques for profound inner experiences and insights, guided by the Experiences Jake has gained by working with the works of Franz Bardon, Sifu Mark Rasmus, and Bob Smith of Sixty Skills.
  • Practical Magical Skills: Acquire practical skills in magic and ritual, moving beyond theory to actual hands-on practice and application.
  • Energetic Development and Control: Understand and control your own energy, as well as learning to sense and influence external energies, a fundamental skill in Hermetic practices.
  • Spiritual and Personal Growth: Experience significant growth on a personal and spiritual level, unlocking deeper aspects of your being and potential.
  • Integration of Eastern and Western Wisdom: Benefit from a unique blend of Eastern and Western esoteric wisdom, merging the depth of Eastern practices with the structure of Western traditions.
  • Community and Mentorship: Join a community of like-minded individuals, gain access to experienced mentorship, and participate in a supportive environment for sharing experiences and insights.

This course not only offers you deep insights into various occult and esoteric topics, but it will also provide transmissions and attunements for working with different Spiritual lineages, planetary energies, spirits, Deities, and access ot light realms so you can communicate and work with them yourself!

Some transmissions and attunements offered in this course are the following:

  • Vital Energy (Jing) Transmission
  • Astral Energy (Chi) Transmission
  • Mental Energy (Shen) transmission
  • Sung Transmission
  • Akashic (Wuji) Transmission
  • Non-Dual Light (Tao) Transmission
  • Light of cleansing
  • Light of the Hermeticist
  • The Light of Initiation
  • Four Elements Initiation
  • Light of the Moon Sphere Attunement
  • Light of the Sun Sphere Attunement
  • And countless more!

Getting the Most out of this Course

To get the most out of this course, practice and note-taking is to be expected.

Being an engaged learner is the first step in making the most of the course.

This implies that you are listening attentively to the videos. You can simply sit back in your chair, unwind, and absorb the information. Have a notebook nearby, make notes, ask questions, and attempt to respond to them as you read the information. Digital notes can also be taken on computers or mobile devices.

Making notes is the second step.

Before and after your meditation sessions, while you are listening, and during your practice sessions, it is crucial that you keep a journal so that you can compare your before and after pictures and make the necessary adjustments. You can fix your mistakes if you are aware of them.

Making sure you have the correct attitude is the third stage.

Before beginning the exercises in this course, close your eyes and reflect on times when you felt very confident about what you were doing.  In Hermetic, everything we do revolves around reaching a peak level and doing it on demand. For example, when we open our magic circle, we instantaneously enter a peak state of rapture, bliss, or whatever emotion is necessary to perform the ritual.

All doors will be opened by doing the work and doing it diligently.

The last thing you might want to do is pretend that I am present with you as you go through this course.

According to the Akashic principle, which we will explore more in the course, Akasha is not bound by space or time. So, when I’m sending these messages to you, time and space are not constraints on us. I am communicating with you through video. By applying the same theory, just tune in with me and see if you can transfer into the position I am in right now, or the classroom where I’m lecturing. To claim this course as your own, connect with me through the screen where this course is conveyed & be with me there.

Learn about this innovative system of invocation & evocation, discover the key benefits of doing invocation first before evocation, & unlock the key to Franz Bardon’s system through the secret “backdoor” only insiders know about.

Through the little-known methods of this course, you can begin The Hermetic system framework starting from step 10, even if you are still a beginner struggling with the first few steps of the Initiation process (ie, concentration exercises, soul mirror work)

Accelerated Spiritual Progress:

Here, we go straight to step 10 of the Initiation Process on a macro level & get the attunements we need to unlock the entire Initiation into Hermetics system. Here we are bypassing YEARS of work to get the engines that will accelerate our progress today.

While we may not be a master of all 10-step exercises, we will gain the intuition, attunement & light energies to do all exercises successfully & without hindrance


Unlock the Blueprint to Your Spiritual Awakening
Dive into the heart of hermetic wisdom with our Course Mindmap, your first step towards a structured, clear path of spiritual enlightenment. Discover how each module interconnects, guiding you through a transformative journey of self-discovery and mastery over the material and spiritual worlds.


Embark on a Journey of Infinite Possibilities
Begin your initiation with a warm welcome into a world where magic meets the mind. Understand the framework that will become your roadmap to spiritual mastery. Learn how to start your journey, maximize every lesson, and transform your journal into a powerful tool for personal evolution. Prepare to dedicate yourself to a path that transcends the ordinary into the realm of extraordinary possibilities.


Decipher the Language of the Universe
Unveil the secrets of the Magician, delve into the essence of the four elements, and explore the realms of Akasha. Each theory lesson opens a door to deeper understanding and connection with the universal forces. Gain insights into non-dual light theory, the three bodies, karma, and the astral plane, setting a solid foundation for your transformative practice.


Cultivate Your Inner Magus
Step into practical magic with beginner exercises designed to sharpen your mental, astral, and physical faculties. From observing the rise and fall of thoughts to mental transference and mastering the magic circle, each exercise builds the foundation of a powerful practitioner. Start your journey with hands-on practices that prepare you for the advanced magic to come.


Harness the Vital Energy Within
Discover the ancient art of Qi Gong and awaken your body’s latent energy. Learn to listen deeply, feel energy for the first time, and overcome doubts about your potential. This mini-course is your key to creating the environmental conditions for massive success in spiritual and energetic practice.


Attune to the Cosmic Frequencies
Initiate profound change by aligning with different energetic frameworks. From the light of the Hermeticist to the wisdom of the Tai Chi principles and the energies of various spiritual traditions, these transmissions offer a backdoor into hermetics, accelerating your journey towards enlightenment.


Master the Mind, Master the World
Learn the art of mental observation, one-pointed concentration, and achieving a vacancy of mind. These foundational practices are your first steps towards gaining control over your thoughts and emotions, a critical skill for any aspiring hermetic practitioner.


Unlock Your Emotional and Mental Freedom
Embark on a journey to release emotional blockages and mental constraints. Through practical exercises and quick wins, you’ll learn to harness the power of your consciousness, setting the stage for deeper astral work and spiritual advancement.


Vitalize Your Physical Essence
Infuse your daily habits with vitality through exercises that energize your body and spirit. Learn the sacred art of charging water and food with vital energy, transforming everyday activities into powerful rituals for health and well-being.


Deepen Your Concentration, Sharpen Your Focus
Elevate your mental discipline with advanced concentration techniques. Learn to visualize with unparalleled clarity and focus your attention like never before, using the power of auditory and sensory concentration. These exercises are designed to refine your mental abilities, paving the way for higher levels of hermetic practice and manifestation.


Craft Your Soul Mirror for Inner Transformation
Discover the power of the soul mirror, an essential tool for self-reflection and astral progress. Create a blueprint of your inner world, identifying strengths and areas for growth. Through autosuggestion and hypnosis, begin the profound work of soul refinement and transmutation, unlocking new dimensions of your astral potential.


Embody Your Spiritual Practice through Posture and Asanas
Integrate your spiritual practice with your physical body through concise body postures and asanas. These exercises not only improve your physical health but also align your energy systems, facilitating a deeper connection to the astral and mental exercises of your practice.


Expand Your Perceptual Boundaries
Challenge and expand your mind’s capabilities by focusing on multiple senses simultaneously. This step takes you beyond the basics, preparing you for the complex mental tasks of higher hermetic practice. Enhance your visualization skills, and develop a keen sense of awareness that connects you more deeply with the world around you.


Elemental Mastery: Balance and Transform Your Energy
Engage with the elemental forces of nature—fire, water, air, and earth—to balance and transform your personal energy. Learn to invoke and harmonize these elemental energies within your astral body, mastering their qualities for spiritual growth and personal power.


Cultivate Vital Power and Space Impregnation
Advance your physical practice by learning to accumulate vital energy and impregnate spaces with specific energies. These exercises increase your control over the physical and energetic realms, enhancing your ability to influence your environment and well-being.


Transcend the Limits of Your Consciousness
Explore the boundaries of your consciousness by learning mental transplantation techniques. Project your awareness into objects and other beings, gaining unique perspectives and insights. This step opens up new avenues of understanding and connection with the world around you.


Harness the Elements for Deep Body Work
Deepen your elemental work by accumulating elemental energies in specific regions of your body. This practice not only enhances your physical health but also aligns your astral body with the powerful forces of nature, leading to profound inner transformations and an increased sense of empowerment.


Master Elements with Rituals from Akasha
Integrate the power of elemental rituals into your practice, drawing directly from the Akashic records. These advanced techniques allow you to wield elemental forces with precision, enhancing your spiritual work and bringing your intentions to fruition.


Decipher the Mystical Language of Kabbalah Through the Akasha
Embark on a profound journey into the heart of Kabbalistic wisdom with the study of the mystical Akashic letter “E” and its vibrational essence. Learn how to tap into the transformative power of akasha, connecting with higher spiritual truths. Through theory and transmission sessions, you’ll gain insights into the sacred language that shapes reality, unlocking deeper layers of magical understanding and potential.


Project Elemental Forces with Precision and Power
Master the art of extending elemental energies beyond your physical form. Learn to project these forces through your hands, fingers, and even the crown of your head, impacting the world around you in tangible ways. This module teaches precision in the use of elemental magic, enabling you to influence environments and energies with the finesse of a seasoned practitioner.


Unlock the Channel to Divine Wisdom
Discover the ancient technique of automatic writing, a gateway to communication with higher realms of consciousness. Prepare your environment and yourself for this sacred practice, learning how to open up to spiritual guidance and insight. This module not only enhances your ability to channel divine wisdom but also empowers you to ask profound questions and receive guidance on your spiritual journey.


Illuminate Your Path with the Light of Your Monad
Deepen your meditation practice by inviting the luminous presence of your Monad, or higher self, into your being. Explore the transformative effects of this spiritual light on your character and consciousness, making adjustments that align you more closely with your true purpose. This step offers a powerful method for spiritual awakening and the enhancement of your mental faculties.


Master the Akasha Principle for Transformative Energy Work
Prepare to master the Akasha, the quintessence of all elemental forces, through practices that balance and harness its profound energy. Explore its application in inducing trance states, opening spiritual matrices within yourself, and enhancing your practice with non-dual light. This module provides the keys to deep spiritual transformation and the realization of your highest potential.


Create and Dissolve Spiritual Entities for Healing and Protection
Learn the high art of creating and dissolving thought forms, such as larvae and phantoms, using the Akasha and the light of cleansing. This knowledge empowers you to protect yourself and others from negative influences while favorably adapting to unavoidable collective energies (egregores). Gain mastery over your spiritual environment, ensuring harmony and well-being.


Refine Your Spirit with Advanced Analytical Techniques
Enhance your mental discipline through the analytical examination of spirit in relation to practice. This module offers techniques for deep introspection and refinement of your spiritual practice, ensuring that every aspect of your being is aligned with your path of initiation.


Develop Clairvoyant and Clairaudient Abilities through Elemental Light
Focus on refining your astral senses to develop advanced clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities. By working with the light of the fire, water, air, and earth elements, you’ll open new channels of perception, gaining insights into the unseen world and enhancing your intuitive capabilities.


Empower Objects and Create Elementals for Spiritual Assistance
Dive into the practice of imbuing objects with spiritual energy and creating elementals for specific purposes. Learn the processes and reasons behind creating these powerful allies, charging crystals, and utilizing non-dual light for elemental creation. This module equips you with the skills to bring spiritual assistance into your physical world.


Explore the Boundless Realms of Mental Wandering
Embark on an advanced exploration of mental wandering, a practice that transcends the ordinary limits of consciousness. Learn to navigate your neighborhood and familiar spaces with new eyes, using the potent technique of Tree Chi Kung to draw energy and insight from the natural world. This module offers a unique approach to remote viewing, allowing you to perceive and affect distant environments and realities, enhancing your mental agility and spiritual perception.


Master the Fluids of Creation: Electric and Magnetic
Dive deep into the mysteries of the electric and magnetic fluids, the foundational forces of creation. Understand their significance in the hermetic tradition and learn to master their flow within and around you. This module teaches you to attune to the Great Moment of Now, harnessing these primal energies for healing, transformation, and manifestation, bringing your astral practice to unprecedented levels of power and precision.


Craft and Consecrate Astral Fluid Condensers
Learn the art of creating astral fluid condensers, powerful tools that enhance your ability to store and direct magical energies. This module guides you through the process of crafting these condensers, selecting materials, and charging them with specific intentions. Elevate your physical practice by integrating these potent artifacts, amplifying the effectiveness of your rituals and energy work.


Achieve Mastery Over Time and Space
Advance your mental wandering techniques to navigate through time and space, achieving a profound connection with the Akasha. Learn to use crystal balls and other tools to view distant places and times, gaining insight and foresight into the weave of destiny. This module not only expands your mental capabilities but also opens doorways to exploring the realms of elementals, enhancing your understanding and command of the natural world.


Embody Divine Attributes through Elemental Meditation
Attain a deeper communion with the divine by embodying its attributes through focused elemental meditation. This module teaches you to meditate on the divine attributes of immortality, omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence, each associated with a different elemental force. By integrating these practices, you refine your astral body and align more closely with the divine essence, unlocking new levels of spiritual power and enlightenment.


Manifest Your Desires with Precision and Power
Harness the techniques of volting and the electric magnetic fluid for healing and wish realization. This module provides practical exercises for directing these potent energies towards the fulfillment of your desires, whether for personal healing, the well-being of others, or the manifestation of your goals. Learn to work with these primal forces in the physical world, bringing your aspirations into reality with greater speed and effectiveness.


Ascend to Higher Levels of Spiritual Light
Explore various methods of elevating your spirit to higher levels of light and consciousness. This module offers a comprehensive guide to attaining different light levels, facilitating a profound transformation of your mental sphere. Through advanced meditation and visualization techniques, discover how to transcend your current limitations and align with higher spiritual frequencies, opening the door to divine communion and cosmic awareness.


Forge a Personal Communion with the Divine
Achieve the pinnacle of your astral journey by establishing a personal communion with any deity or the divine essence itself. This module guides you through the practices of deity yoga, allowing you to merge with the divine on a deeply personal level. Learn the etiquette of working with spirits and elementals, mastering the art of invocation and communion, and integrating the wisdom and power of the divine into your daily life.


Reverse-Engineer Spiritual Results for Magical Mastery
Gain insight into the mechanics of acquiring different magical faculties through practical exercises and rituals. This module teaches you to reverse-engineer desired spiritual results, providing a clear, step-by-step framework for manifesting your spiritual and magical aspirations in the physical realm. Learn to apply these techniques across various domains of your life, achieving mastery over the material and spiritual worlds.


Seamlessly Integrate Hermetic Practices into Your Daily Life
This comprehensive approach allows you to practice the exercises as a continuous stream, integrating hermetic principles into every aspect of your daily life. Through full mental, astral, and physical stream practices, you’ll achieve a living, breathing relationship with the hermetic path, transforming every moment into an opportunity for growth, magic, and enlightenment.


Achieve Unwavering Focus and Clarity in Every Aspect of Your Life
Dive into the essence of mental mastery with a practice designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily routine. This comprehensive approach to the mental stream cultivates an unbreakable focus, enhanced clarity, and a profound understanding of your own mind. By practicing these exercises as a continuous stream, you’ll develop the ability to maintain a calm, focused, and enlightened state of mind amidst the chaos of everyday life, unlocking new dimensions of creativity, problem-solving, and mental resilience.


Live in Harmony with the Astral Realm for Emotional Balance and Spiritual Insight
Embark on a transformative journey that aligns your astral body with the energies of the cosmos. The full astral stream practice guides you through daily exercises and meditations designed to harmonize your emotions, refine your energetic presence, and deepen your connection to the astral realm. Experience emotional balance, heightened intuition, and a profound sense of unity with the universe, as you learn to navigate the astral plane with confidence and grace.


Optimize Your Physical Well-being and Manifest Your Will in the Material World
Ground your spiritual practice with a physical regimen that prepares your body to be the ultimate vessel for hermetic work. The full physical stream practice offers a series of exercises and rituals that enhance your health, vitality, and connection to the physical world. Learn to manifest your will through disciplined action, creating a harmonious balance between your spiritual aspirations and physical existence. This practice not only strengthens your body but also aligns your physical actions with your higher purpose.


Access the Heartbeat of Hermetic Wisdom with a Click
This comprehensive collection offers you instant access to all transmissions within the course, serving as a powerful resource for revisiting and deepening your understanding of hermetic principles. Each transmission, encoded with the wisdom of the ages, is designed to attune your energy and consciousness to the higher frequencies of hermetic mastery. Whether you seek guidance, inspiration, or a deeper connection to the spiritual forces, these transmissions are your gateway to transformative knowledge.


Transform Your Subconscious Mind for Lasting Change
Leverage the power of hypnosis to align your subconscious mind with your conscious goals and aspirations. These specially designed recordings offer a pathway to deep inner transformation, embedding the principles of hermetic mastery into the fabric of your being. Break free from limiting beliefs, overcome obstacles, and cultivate a mindset of abundance, success, and spiritual enlightenment. Gain Access to hypnosis recordings that will help you through every step of the Initiation Process.


Experience the Power of Community and Collective Wisdom
Dive into a treasure trove of knowledge with recordings from live workshops led by experts in hermeticism. These sessions not only provide insights into advanced practices and concepts but also capture the energy and inspiration of a community dedicated to spiritual growth. Benefit from the collective wisdom, shared experiences, and powerful group dynamics that amplify the learning experience.


Gain Clarity and Expand Your Understanding Through Shared Inquiry
This dynamic collection of questions and answers addresses the most pressing inquiries from students, offering clarifications, deeper insights, and practical advice. Each Q&A session is a goldmine of knowledge, helping you navigate the complexities of hermetic practice with greater confidence and understanding. Engage with the shared curiosities and challenges of fellow students, enriching your journey with collective insights.


Enhance Your Practice with Exclusive Resources
Unlock additional value with bonus downloads that include guided meditations, ritual templates, and exclusive articles. These resources are crafted to support your practice, offering tools and insights that enrich your hermetic journey. From practical exercises to deepen your meditation to templates that guide your ritual work, these bonuses provide a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.

By engaging with each of these components, students of “The Complete Universal Initiation into Hermetics Masterclass” are equipped with a holistic and integrated approach to spiritual development. This comprehensive curriculum not only teaches the ancient wisdom of hermeticism but also provides the practical tools, community support, and personal insights necessary for true transformation and mastery.

Now that you’ve gone through the course, you can now go through all the Initiation exercises with dozens (& more realistically, millions) of various forms of light, whether they be the light of the planets, the light of the spirits you’ve worked with or various kabbalistic frequencies I have initiated you in through this course. Now is the time when you can train through the ten-step framework & unlock the true dimensions of the Hermetic Initiation path.

You now have in your hands the genuine keys to a universal initiation.

Sign up today and change your life forever! 

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