Why Join a Mystery College? Five Ways to 10x your Spiritual Growth in Record Time

Having been in several Private Hermetic circles & Magical circles for so long, I have a lot of compassion for people who are missing out on so many things that are not possible to do as a solo practitioner. I made more progress in the first month of working in a hermetic group than I did in three years of practicing solo. My objective is to make this platform a complete mystery school that is as effective as an in-person school. So you can start as early as an absolute beginner to having a complete awakening of your Clair-faculties (insight, sight, hearing, feeling, tasting, touching), evocation abilities, a complete understanding of kabbalistic frequencies, & unifying with universal consciousness via the sunsphere. If you put in the practice hours, journal your progress extensively, lead a healthy lifestyle, have strong ethics & don’t achieve these abilities via this platform, then I will have failed you. But you know We’re not going to let that happen.

there are various factors that compromise a mystery school that are non-obvious to outsiders but are in fact the most crucial components between success and failure for students.

  1. Mystery Schools create an atmosphere of sacredness & reverence
  2. Mystery School advanced instructors Give students transmissions to accelerate their growth
  3. Mystery schools practice in a group magic circle, thereby amplifying each other’s abilities
  4. Other students give share their best abilities with colleagues and give each other practical feedback
  5. Mystery schools normalize unconventional beliefs and remove unconscious resistance to awakening your abilities

Mystery Schools create an atmosphere of sacredness & reverence

By creating an atmosphere of sacredness & reverence, mystery schools help learners humble themselves before the new energies & frequencies that they will encounter. Many of these energies are far greater and more expansive than the human capacity can handle. And the most valuable of these frequencies for our path of spiritual ascension comes from the highest and most subtle of light realms..

Humility helps ground us in the physical by recognizing that there are energies, places & beings that are far greater than our individual selves. While Humility often gets a bad rap in Western societies, it is actually one of the most important qualities to develop on the spiritual path. In order to grow beyond our current weaknesses and overcome our ego, we surrender ourselves to the higher frequencies and beings that we are working with. If you want to learn more about this process, you can enroll in Mark Rasmus’ Evocation Masterclass.

Sacredness enables us to align our astral bodies (ie: our emotional body) to the highest possible energy signatures through our environment, our precepts, and our personal ethics. If we keep our life, practice, environment, and precepts sacred, then our ability to accelerate spiritually will match our efforts. What gets in the way of true spiritual ascension is often self-beliefs and ego. If you are able to surrender your ego to your higher self or to a higher being, then you will grow exponentially. This does not mean that you are giving up your freedom. In fact, it grants you more freedom by opening you up and giving you options so that you will eventually be truly free.

The atmosphere that a Mystery school generates should ideally allow these two preconditions to arrive for the students as both a natural side effect of the People & environment, as well as a conscious effort through choosing to live a magical lifestyle. By joining a mystery school, you are in fact going through this same process of temporarily surrendering your ego so you can have all the abilities that you have dreamed of in the future.

2. Mystery School instructors Give students transmissions to accelerate their growth

This is seen in virtually all effective esoteric traditions worldwide. Oftentimes when we are about “oral transmissions” being given, we are under the impression that it just means a teacher is telling a student something in secret.

This is only half of the truth.

An “oral transmission” is actually an energetic transmission passed on from teacher to student. Oftentimes in the past, only a few select students & sometimes no student would receive all the transmissions that the teachers had to share. Sometimes teachers kept transmissions to themselves because they were instructed to by their tradition, some didn’t because they kept a pact of secrecy with the deities they worked with, and others simply wanted to keep all the power to themselves.

For our school, none of these factors are the case. There are few if any secrets inside the mystery college. What I can absolutely guarantee is that there are no secrets kept about the methods of getting the exact results you want in your spiritual practice. If there is a state of spiritual liberation, freedom, or power that you want to achieve, there is a technique inside the college that can and will work for it.

to uncover the most secretive of teachings that cannot & will not ever be written in books, you can receive the proper transmission & pointed in the right direction. Some transmissions will be given to you by our teachers. Others will be given to you in secrecy by the noblest of spirits in our universal hiearchy. The seeds you’ve been given through transmission will sprout with time. It is not an instantaneous path to unveiling all of the universe’s secrets, but it is the fastest and most effective way.

Let’s say you desired to try an apple for the first time. This is before the internet or books were ever mass distributed. You only had a fledgling idea of what an apple was from a conversation you overheard at your local tavern from a traveling merchant.

If you didn’t know what an apple tasted, looked like, felt like, or where you could find an apple (is it a berry? a type of root? a pastry?), then you would have no reference point for ever finding an apple. If you did get an apple, it would be by completely random chance. An energetic transmission is like giving you an apple so you can experience & understand it completely. Once you’ve tasted an apple and know what it looks like & can intellectually articulate what it is, you will always be able to find apples. Plus, you will be able to find other things that are like apples since they will now be on your radar.

To get these energetic transmissions is the difference between having virtually no practical reference points on the spiritual journey to having a complete encyclopedia of every possible result & combination you could ever desire.

3. Mystery schools practice in a group magic circle, thereby amplifying each other’s abilities

When you practice in a magical circle, you are in effect amplifying your magical abilities. For every person in the group that is performing at their absolute peak during the magical circle, they are amplifying your abilities just as much.

When you work by yourself & solely for your own development as a spiritual practitioner, you come across a problem that is insurmountable if you want to develop psychic abilities. Because you are tapped into yourself & only your needs, you don’t develop mental transference abilities. In order to affect things, we need to be able to feel them & mentally transfer into them. You can overcome this issue by making sure that you practice magic using “non-self” ideals. Essentially, this means that you dedicate your practice to serving others & whatever your path of service is on earth.

We don’t grow skills or psychic skills for our own personal amusement. in life, We only get absolute peak abilities in our human potential in order to utilize them in service to others in a way that serves a particular function.

Let’s take the word, “Hobby.” This work This word has only existed for a few hundred years because it is actually based on Hobbyhorses which were bread in the middle ages exclusively for aristocrats. For most of human history, almost nobody but the noblest classes throughout society had the leisure of doing activities solely for their individualist leisure. This is directly reflected in the spiritual path.

4. Other students give share their best abilities with colleagues and give each other practical feedback

When you work as a group or you work in dedication to use the psychic abilities you are developing for the people you will serve, you are tapping into everything that they will need for your work. As a healer, you’ll pick up the skills needed to provide relief from the trickiest of illnesses. As a teacher, you will pull through your students the knowledge that needs to be shared for them to advance to the next level.

When you are working with the group, at the very least during the sit, you are working for the benefit of the group. Instead of one person working for your spiritual benefit (ie: just you), you may have 10, 25, or hundreds of people who are directly affecting your spiritual capacities & growth curve.

By sharing your best abilities with your colleagues, you are affecting tens of people beyond yourself and directly recruiting unseen forces that can then help you accelerate not linearly, but through leaps & bounds. Later on, you will see how being of service & having non-self ideals will help you gain the most possible growth on this path.

If you do invocation or evocation with a high-level spirit, one of the first things that a spirit will recognize is your merit field. Your merit field is the quality & quantity of people you have helped grow either for their ascension or their service path. If you are a doctor (or will be in your timeline) that helps create medicines that will save 10s of thousands of lives, spirits are going to be banging at your door to help you out & help you fulfill your path of service successfully. By helping you out, they are increasing their merit fields exponentially because of the impact you have on the growth & evolution of human consciousness. This also applies if you’ve had massive positive impacts on others in previous lifetimes, or led a successful practice as a monk. If you currently lead a selfish lifestyle & you do not have non-self ideals f& have selfish reasons for working with an entity, then the entities you speak with either won’t give you the time of day or will try to jeopardize your spiritual development. It is the same response you would imagine from having a meeting with a mayor of a city of a high-powered executive. The greater your non-self ideals & your path of service, the more the universe will conspire to help see your success through. If you have value to offer the world, you are a partner, mentee, and part of the driving force of evolution for the planet. If you are going there asking for something for little in return for their investment, the best they can do is give you an ounce of good and a kilogram of entrapment. Because everything in our phenomenal universe acts in accordance with hierarchy, this principle of freedom through service (or releasing, but using service in conjunction is a far faster accelerator) & entrapment through selfishness remains all the way up to the subtlest of subtle light realms.

5. Mystery schools normalize unconventional beliefs and remove unconscious resistance to awakening your abilities

Society doesn’t want you to spiritually awaken. Your work colleagues don’t, virtually every stranger you walk by doesn’t, and neither did your teacher or priest. It is an unspoken rule that it is against the interests of the full functioning of society that psychic skills be made available to the masses.


because to be psychic is to be on the cutting-edge of growth. To be psychic is to be in resonance with the BEST way to do things, achieve goals, and achieve the results that you want. The problem is that by definition, society & culture are not on the cutting edge of growth. Sure, you can be on the cutting edge of tech, or selling mass consumption products, or doing Rollups of small companies to create a billion-dollar conglomerate & sell your stock on the NY stock exchange, but psychic growth is far more vast, expansive, & unpredictable to society that it could ever currently handle.

To run a society with our current level of tech, infrastructure, policing ability, military prowess, global Marritime policing, technical innovation, and logistical supply chains despite the incredible entropy of the inflation of our monetary system, tens of millions of “bad guys” in the world, global corruption, and extreme exploitation under the guise that globalization is universally good would be completely impossible if everyone or even 1% of the population had fully awakened their psychic abilities. With that number of people, the current paradigm couldn’t exist and it would be extremely disruptive. the current world order is the coagulation of powerful individuals in governments who hold incredibly high stakes with business entities that work synergetically together for the interest of sustaining themselves & stakeholders first. Nothing in that definition counts our psychic development (ie developing our fullest human potential) in that equation.

It is simply a misconception that psychic abilities are not okay for the common good. If we can raise the following generations from the rearing years with extreme care to teach them how to not only be intellectually as intelligent as they can but also provide a framework for their psychic abilities to come forth, then our human potential & norms would shift exponentially throughout our cultures in a matter of a few generations. Traditional schools cannot and will not fulfill that function and framework. Like all other systems in society, the school systems, both public and 99% of private schools do not exist & cannot ever exist in our current system to maximize the human potential of the individual. Hopefully, we can change that within a few generations, so that our grandchildren will be 10x smarter than we are.

Our function as a mystery school is to unveil your human potential in every single capacity

  • physically through gaining more physical strength & leading a more active lifestyle
  • astrally through gaining equanimity with your emotional being and generating the fuel to always stay on the best course of actions for your path of service & spiritual ascension
  • Mentally through helping you exponentially grow your intellectual capacity, functioning accelerated learning abilities & intuition so that you can be in resonance with the universal laws, principles, mechanics, and mental transference skills so that you can function at your absolute peak at all different planes of existence & so you can work on & gain complete universal autonomy.
  • Akashically through giving the receiving the spiritual transmissions necessary to understand how to manifest anything in & out of form.

In conclusion, Joining a mystery school, namely our mystery school, is going to give you benefits that outweigh the cost of entry 1000x over. And like the apple analogy, you will never know how much benefit you could gain immediately if you decided to join & fully embrace our community.

Until next time,


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