Our Teachers

Qualified instructors for your Spiritual Development

On this Page, you will find qualified spiritual instructors who we have personally vetted for their demonstrable skills, character, & their abilities. Most of them have taken 1000s, if not 10000s of hours of training in Western Spiritual disciplines such as Hermetics, Martial Arts, Chi Kung, Kabbalah and an assortment of other skills. Each person has been verified to have practiced at least 2000 hours of exclusively Hermetic practices.

Jake Green, Lead Instructor

Jake Green is a Lead Instructor at the Mystery College. He is one of the authors of Backdoor into hermetics.

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Henk Bokanoff Aka: The Dry Hermeticist

Henk is an exceptional & gifted medium. A practitioner of NLP, Tai Chi, & Reiki for over 20 years, he is an expert of internal development


Dinesh has been practicing Martial Arts intensively for over 15 years. He has an exceptional talent for Fajjin, Empty Force, Fighting, and a gift for being an exceptional teacher of Initiation into Hermetics. He is the Husband of the infamous Beauty, Par.

Pari from Paris

Pari is the Wife to Dinesh. Together, they are the strongest power couple in this spiritual community. Consider booking them together for a consultation for double trouble.

Momo, the Healer

Momo eats, lives & breathes healing. She has practiced thousands of hours of healing.

Julia, the Unshakable

Julia is a marital arts expert who specializes in women's self defense. She has extensive knowledge of all things related to stillness, quietude, and resilience. She is the living incarnation of an earth spirit.

Stacy, the Journalling & Spiritual Organizing Master

If you ever wondered why our journaling practice matters so much, look no further than Stacy! A master organizer, she has the skills to tackle the loftiest goals with speed. She is a journaling & organizational genius. Other than self-belief, one of the biggest issues people face on the spiritual path is a lack of clarity & organization. Those two skills are her specialties.