Roadmap for the Mystery College

Here you will find the roadmap & update log for Mystery College.

Here is a visual roadmap for your reference for 2022/2023. The priority of the roadmap will change with time & with user usage of the site. For example, If there are not enough users of the site by 2023, (IE: less than 100 premium users) we may simply not have enough resources to either run an online cohort course or have regular energetic transmissions. This is a very expensive website to run, between all of the paid programs, plugins, and hard labor that it takes to keep this project running.

We want to make this the best learning experience & community possible. In order to do that, we believe that we also need to be really transparent about our goals & long-term direction with the Mystery College. In order to make this the absolute best experience possible, we need your feedback and constructive criticism–– whether you find a feature of the site that could be improved, something is broken, or anything else to make this a more cohesive, complete community experience.

If you find anything you’d like to be updated, fixed, or added to the site, you can either use the comment section below, the comment section on the “bounties” page, or contact us at

I invite all of your suggestions!

Thank you so much & it is our pleasure to be in service to you.

Q= Quarter (Ie: Q1 = January, Feburary, March)

Update: April 23rd, 2022

Corrected over 30 mindmaps (not yet live on the website)

UPDATE: April 22nd, 2022

––Created course sections for 3 NEW courses: Teachers Training, Evocation Course, and a new Kabbalah Course. Videos are not yet uploaded & they are not yet available for purchase. Each course has around 10 hours of footage so far or more. [todo–– update graphics, update course information/description] ,

––Created a “Roadmap” page with a roadmap graphic and a continuous update log of the site.

–– Now the “complete profile section” disappears when users log in & fill it in 100%

— added a “latest posts” feed to the right sidebar

— added Mystery College’s youtube feed to the sidebar

–– added new content to the “about” page

— added new content to the home menu page

–– removed the “new courses” grouping on the sidebar (looked cluttered after adding new courses)

––TBA (not released) a “bounty” page where people can help support the community & website and earn redeemable points in the process.

Thanks to one of our users “R” for giving me great & in-depth feedback so I could make the site better for everyone!

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