Reiki Healing Pro Book Bonuses.

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Here are some of the bonuses for the book:

Reiki Attunement videos (Note: be sure you have read all the materials prior to receiving the attunements:

Attunement #1 The reiki Power symvol:

Attunement #2 The emotional balance symbol, The Hon Sha ze sho nen & the Rei Ji Ho symbol

With this, you will be able to heal others as a business and start your reiki journey.

The master attunement is reserved For Reiki Healing Pro Course members. With the master attunement, you will be able to attune others to reiki and teach it once certified.

A contract: (see book appendices)

An inquiry forum for clients: (see book appendices)

A link to a canvas logo template for your logo

A link to a Canvas business card

A link to a Canvas Business Poster

For USA:

Loans: The SBA

For business mentors (I highly recommend this):

For world:

microfinancing Loans

I also recommend looking up Microfinance Institutions in your local area if you are in a developing nation where traditional loans are harder to come by. If you are privileged & have the means, I highly recommend using Kiva or another service to support those in need as a form of charity.

Thank you so much for purchasing our book & supporting small publishers! We are so excited for you to keep voyaging along your Reiki journey!