Part Six, Chapter One: The Fundamentals of Magic & Manifestation (Evocation & Invocation Made Simple: The Complete How-to Guide Series)

List of Articles in this Series so far: Part One: Introduction –– Part Two: Making the most out of this series of articles. Part Three: Chapter one, Creating a Magical Mindset––The key to Magical Success, Part Four: Chapter one, The Four Elements, Part Five: Chapter one, Serving Spirits

In this series of articles, we are going to go over how to do Evocation & Invocation.

Right now, I am in the process of creating a book on making Evocation & invocation far more efficient, and powerful & Beginner-friendly. Oftentimes, when authors make books, they lock themselves up in a room for days at a time over years & Write/edit their work simultaneously.

With this book, we are not going to do that.

Instead, we will write these blog posts publicly & get feedback as we create it. That way, the final product will be far more satisfactory & catered to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want out of the book. I’m not perfect, so I cannot make the perfect book alone. However, if we work on this together, we can make a book that is valuable & worthwhile for years to come.

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Note: I am not looking for typos or spelling errors as much as I am looking for structure, missing elements, interesting citations, & ways of keeping the book both concise, simple & completely practical. I love academics, but I want this book to be super practical and easy to use, first & foremost. If these articles make things approachable, then I am succeeding. If not, please let me specifically know how I can make this guide more approachable & universal.

Chapter One: The Fundamentals of Magic & Manifestation

The Fundamentals of Magic and Manifestation

Magic works.

For the past few sections, we have discussed the basic fundamentals of occult philosophy: the spirit world and the existence of mysterious energies which a magician can tap and make use of. Now, we will move on to one of the fundamentals of occult philosophy: magic.

I do not know how to explain how or why, nor do I have the means to put it into word. All I know is that magic does work. The Universe is designed to operate on the premise that this mysterious force exists. Just as you do cannot explain away why consciousness exists or spirits, so to magic. It is just there.

Various occultists try to define what magic is, and it gives us an approximation as to what it really is. The infamous occultist Aleister Crowley defines magic as “… the art and science of causing change in accordance with Will.” Dion Fortune defines it as the “science and art of causing changes in consciousness in conformity with Will.”

For the purpose of this book, I make use of the definition of magic given by the anthropologist Matteo Benusi. Benusi says that magic refers to a “… a set of activities and technologies intended  to manipulate invisible or immaterial agencies and energies, not recognized by science, to an advantageous end [and]…. through which practitioners creatively shape their relationships with the world and their own selves”.

According to this definition, magic refers to a set of hidden technologies and actions that causes a change in the natural world with the aid of the invisible world. Magicians, therefore, are people who study the occult principles and laws of the universe and make use of it to cause manifestation. I also add that magic is the utilization of Universal Laws to aid material, emotional, and mental manifestation for personal realization. Rather than magic being a “religion”, it is rather a set of technologies that we can study systematically if we pay attention to the laws of the Universe and how our material world inter-relates with other worlds.

I will discuss in short what the basic principles for the magical mindset are.

If you want to go through a complete course to Gain an Accelerated ability in Skills & Transmissions, you can look at the complete magical evocation & Invocation course at the Mystery College or Perseus Academy. You can also check out our other course on the Practice of Magical Evocation by Mark Rasmus. One of our Partner schools, The Sixty Skills, is also working on Evocation & Invocation skills.

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