Part Seven, Chapter Two: Spirits and Karmic Accounting (Evocation & Invocation Made Simple: The Complete How-to Guide Series)

List of Articles in this Series so far: Part One: Introduction –– Part Two: Making the most out of this series of articles. Part Three: Chapter one, Creating a Magical Mindset––The key to Magical Success, Part Four: Chapter one, The Four Elements, Part Five: Chapter one, Serving Spirits

In this series of articles, we are going to go over how to do Evocation & Invocation.

Right now, I am in the process of creating a book on making Evocation & invocation far more efficient, and powerful & Beginner-friendly. Oftentimes, when authors make books, they lock themselves up in a room for days at a time over years & Write/edit their work simultaneously.

With this book, we are not going to do that.

Instead, we will write these blog posts publicly & get feedback as we create it. That way, the final product will be far more satisfactory & catered to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want out of the book. I’m not perfect, so I cannot make the perfect book alone. However, if we work on this together, we can make a book that is valuable & worthwhile for years to come.

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Note: I am not looking for typos or spelling errors as much as I am looking for structure, missing elements, interesting citations, & ways of keeping the book both concise, simple & completely practical. I love academics, but I want this book to be super practical and easy to use, first & foremost. If these articles make things approachable, then I am succeeding. If not, please let me specifically know how I can make this guide more approachable & universal.

Chapter Two: The Fundamentals of Magic & Manifestation

Magical Abilities – The Key to Doing things

Now that we have discussed terms that we should be familiar with, as well as how to develop a magical mindset fundamentally important in the performance of magic, this chapter covers how to gain the magical abilities necessary to do invocation and evocation.

The bare minimum requisite in doing invocation and evocation work is the ability to create a chi ball, alongside creating precepts to keep you pointed in the right direction and maintain non-self-ideals.  This helps you generate clairsentience, which is the bare minimum needed to connect with spirits. Additionally, practicing tree qi gong & working with plants/trees will help develop mental transference abilities & develop the initial foundation of clairfaculties at an accelerated rate.

If you can build a Chi Ball, you can do Evocation

If you can build a chi ball, then you could do invocation or evocation. [JS1] 

Now that may seem like a huge stretch of the imagination since building a chi ball is a beginner exercise and ability. However, since we are working with energies, working with transmissions, all you need are baseline skills, concentration, energy sensitivity, and an openness of mind and heart for you to gain momentum in this type of work.

When we connect with nondual light and when we connect with the Akasha principle, we are basically connecting with all our past, future, and present energies – faculties that we already must have to do this magical work. Even if you are at step one, or step two, there are some aspects of your spirit that are already a master of all these materials. So partly, through getting a transmission through the Mystery College, Sixty Skills, or some other source, we can pull the light of your own mastery through to you, in the present moment, so that you can have an accelerated development with any of the steps in Franz Bardon’s work & other pathworks, so that you can accelerate and can go straight to evocation. Additionally, it is possible to go straight into Qabalistic work if it is in resonance with your higher spirit.

Spirits and Karmic Accounting

Karmic accounting is the number one issue most people have to evocation. This karmic accounting by spirits gets most people the deepest existential debt to hierarchical beings. In simple terms, if the practitioner becomes so engrossed with the spirit they are working with –“good or evil” – post-death, they become tied to that spirit and identifies with the entity. They become servants of the said entity. Take for example people who make pacts with demons. We have all heard of the timeless tale of Dr. Faustus selling his soul to the devil. This is basically what will happen when people work with spirits without adequate training. This Means, people who cannot establish sovereignty and are controlled by the spirit they are working with This will hinder a person’s path of ascent and will find themselves serving that entity for eons. This which is why instinctively at a gut level, evocation is so terrifying to 99% of the world’s population. This is also the reason why some of the great world religions such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam prohibits evocation and “consorting with spirits” since it can lose people to karmic debt.

So, after all this, why do we do invocation or evocation work? Simply because doing work with spirits will enable us to develop siddhis or occult faculties such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, and the like. These skills are important developments for magicians and can aid one, when practiced and used properly, into the journey of spiritual ascent. Not only will invocation and evocation allow us to get material mastery, it will also grant us spiritual mastery as well.

Having seen the risks as well as the benefits of the work, it is absolutely important that for those seeking to practice evocation, preparations must be made. For example, renaissance magicians took special care with preparations. They made sure that when they did evocation rite, they “enflamed themselves in prayer”. This means that they did meditations and prayers to ensure that they are protected by beings of a higher frequency, such as angels or the name of Christ. Diet, meditation, prayer, and abstinence from sexual contact for three days to a week were the norm. Be sure that if you seek to practice evocation safely when doing it traditionally without having received transmissions from a qualified teacher, you’ll probably have to take Franz Bardon’s advice to have completed Step 8 of his initiation program or some equivalent written in his book, Initiation into Hermetics. You can always fill any current gaps of skill through Bardon’s practices, as well as the practices that will be outlined in this book.

If you want to go through a complete course to Gain an Accelerated ability in Skills & Transmissions, you can look at the complete magical evocation & Invocation course at the Mystery College or Perseus Academy. You can also check out our other course on the Practice of Magical Evocation by Mark Rasmus. One of our Partner schools, The Sixty Skills, is also working on Evocation & Invocation skills.

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