Reply To: Akasha

  • Jake

    September 14, 2023 at 6:37 pm

    That’s “a way” to define it, but we miss out on it by defining it in absolute terms. We can define it in relation to our experience or reaction to it, as long as we are careful to not characterize it as that definitively. It is conceptually the most undefinable, mysterious thing that we could possibly relate to. Think of it like, “The tao that is spoken about is not the true tao” By defining it, we are losing out perceptually on everything else that isn’t labeled by our very limited experience. It’s like trying to understand everything that exists on the planet earth while blindfolded by feeling with our hands. It’s just not possible, otherwise we are deceiving ourselves. The fewer labels, the more we can experience it in its trueness. Try Doing all of the akasha letters, followed by focusing primarily on the kabbalah letter “u” during and let me know if you feel different haha!

    Love your point about thumbs touching over all fingers, I feel there’s definitely something between that and the power of many mudras.

    You can definitely produce Chi energy through instruments. There are YouTube videos of folks demonstrating that. That would be useful for group practices. when I listen to music, sometimes I’ll run kabbalah letters or planetary energies through that. This isn’t serious practice, but it is enriching to use kabbalah for mundane purposes, sometimes for my preferences. Most practitioners don’t do this, as the more reverent you are about kabbalah, the more you can do some of the wilder stuff and get into deep transcendental states like mentioned in the book. For me, engaging in some mundane kabbalah “play” makes me practice more and gives me more intuition about the letters manifesting in real-time throughout the day

    Doing “aum” while connecting with the sunsphere, especially focusing on the akashic center of the sun will definitely bring you clarity on in relation to singing and your body mechanics.