Reply To: Introductions: Post your Intros Here

  • Jake

    June 14, 2022 at 10:41 am

    I have 10 hrs footage of a separate Invocation course that is suitable for beginners that I am teaching & will release as a course fairly soon. The difference between my course & Marks is that I will be offering structure, Workbooks, & all the necessary energy transmissions so the evocation/invocation process can be done from the start. As long as you can feel the energy at a distance (check out a sixty skills transmission recording or a reiki transmission on youtube to check), it will work perfectly fine for you. You’ll still need to go through the IIH Process even while you do invocation/evocation, but you’ll get the transmissions to work through the FB system energetically at an accelerated rate & speed up the process tremendously.

    FB had in-person students who started evocation as soon as 3 days from working with him, the book had to be watered down for the times & general audience the book was shared with. But in my inner circles, basic & advanced practices are learned & done simultaneously. I took a few in-person students through from working with beings of the elements up to Sunsphere sphere spirits on the same day. Where are they overwhelmed? Yes, but after a good night’s sleep, they now have the skill for life.

    The mystery college, unlike the others, is specifically focused on spiritual development & has groups, a points system, & other elements to give added value. As the site gains traction, I will be able to offer energy transmissions to people who enroll in mark’s courses as well as my courses & other instructors who chose to hop on board.

    We are also offering In-person workshops in Mark’s Elastic force system, Initiation, Evocation, and Kabbalah. Mark is retiring to the public completely for in-person training & doing everything online, so I am providing a platform for the torch to continue for new students