Evocation & Invocation Made Simple: The Complete How-to Guide Series Part Two: Making the Most out of this Series of Articles

List of Articles in this Series so far: Part One: Introduction –– Part Two: Making the most out of this series of articles. Part Three: Chapter one, Creating a Magical Mindset––The key to Magical Success, Part Four: Chapter one, The Four Elements, Part Five: Chapter one, Serving Spirits

In this post, we are going to go over how to do Evocation & Invocation.

Right now, I am in the process of creating a book on making Evocation & invocation far more efficient, and powerful & Beginner-friendly. Oftentimes, when authors make books, they lock themselves up in a room for days at a time over years & Write/edit their work simultaneously.

With this book, we are not going to do that.

Instead, we will write these blog posts publicly & get feedback as we create it. That way, the final product will be far more satisfactory & catered to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want out of the book. I’m not perfect, so I cannot make the perfect book alone. However, if we work on this together, we can make a book that is valuable & worthwhile for years to come.

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Note: I am not looking for typos or spelling errors as much as I am looking for structure, missing elements, interesting citations, & ways of keeping the book both concise, simple & completely practical. I love academics, but I want this book to be super practical and easy to use, first & foremost. If these articles make things approachable, then I am succeeding. If not, please let me specifically know how I can make this guide more approachable & universal.

Making the Most out of this Book

This book is meant to be engaging.

To get the most out of this book, the first step is to be an active learner. You can just lean back in your chair and relax, take it in, and engage the material.  Have your notebook and take notes, ask questions in your notes, and try answering them as you go through the material. You can also make notes digitally using your computers or phones.

The second step is to take down notes. As you are reading, before your practice sessions, and after your meditation sessions. It is very important that you are doing your journaling so that you can see your before and after and adjust accordingly. If you know what you are doing wrong, then you can correct it. If you know what you are doing right in the process, then you can keep doing it. Release things that aren’t working for you and then you can improve and strengthen the things that are working for you.

Staying positive, staying with our strengths, and letting our weaknesses rise with time to a level of competency. It does not matter if you can’t see the spirits or hear them yet. All you need to do is feel them and that’s going to give you a really big impact.

The next step is to ensure that you have the right attitude. Before you jump into the practices found in this book, you can close your eyes and you can imagine the experiences you have that may have been religious, or spiritual, or a time when you felt confident with whatever you were doing – maybe you were giving a speech or a presentation, or maybe just eating food that you really enjoyed. Just anchor and be in that emotional state that feels good before doing the work. Instead of just thinking about it “yeah, that was me in another time”, really step into it now and practice that: what was it like to be back in that situation when you felt amazing, felt good, were looking good, and were feeling at a peak level?

Everything we do in Ceremonial Magic is about arriving at a peak level and doing that at will: opening our magic circle and instantly in a peak state – rapture, bliss, or whatever emotion to carry out the ritual.

As a procedure in doing this work for the first time, try to do mindfulness exercises and really think about those peak times and peak experiences you had so that you can jump back into them when you are practicing this book. If you do that, you will have good motivation for doing the work found in this book. You are not going to get bummed out or bummed down. Sometimes people buy expensive texts and they just let these sit in their bookshelves, and that is not what we want. We bought this book because we have an emotional motive that was very strong.

If you can write down that emotional motive on paper then you can lead with this book: ‘” Why am I reading this book?”, “Why am I doing the processes?”, “What spirits do I want to work with in future?” You can just go in the text, skim through the course a little bit and get yourself excited about the potential of the possibilities all the things you could possibly work with. Once you work with the material in this book, it opens the floodgates, the possibilities for virtually any type of spiritual experience in existence. You can wake any faculty, any type of intuitive ability.

Doing the work is going to open all the doors. On one hand, it’s very exciting but on the other hand, it could be very intimidating. As long you leave with “why”,  and as long as you’re going to this course you have one specific outcome you’re looking for, whether that would be opening up your clairvoyance, or other of your clair-faculties, or just to open up your heart and be more mindful, open, blissful person; or it can be any quality that can help you interpret all this information and really take it on.

The last thing you may want to do as you are going through this book is act as if I am there and present with you. From what we know from the Akasha principle (and we may not know that yet), Akasha is not subject to time or space. When I’m writing these transmissions and you reading it, we are not subject to time or space. I am sending it out to you through the book. By that same principle, just tune in with me, and can you transfer into the state where I am right now or I’m teaching. Connect with that and connect with the ink that is transmitted through this book, so that you can then take ownership of it for your own. Formulate your own light, or whatever light comes through so that you become your own teacher.  I am just here to help facilitate and help guide and give you some direction so that you can take full ownership of this book and then they become yours.

These are the best ways to make the most out of this book: write in your journal, to act as if I am presently there with you, and to just to take full advantage of the opportunities are presented and get you excited about it. Envision when you were highly “peaked” and excited, mentally transferring yourself to them and coming to this book. You are going to find so many doors open for you.

Additionally, if you want to practice gratitude, think of three things you are grateful for upon waking up or before doing the practices found in this book. That exercise will help you get inside state of abundance and open to possibilities. It is all about getting from closed state – from a close mental space – to an open physical state, being physically open with your body, your posture, and then opening your heart to all the emotions that come and flood through. Doing this practice will create a mental space where your mind is expanded, not in some small cage, where your mind is free. It will expand your mind and have it extended beyond the size of your room. It will connect you to something far greater, far larger, and you will feel like you are a bigger person. Then you feel expanded, you will feel open, you come in this book, and you take your notes, and you mentally transfer yourself into the light that’s been shared.

After considering all these, you are going have so many benefits.

“I feel overwhelmed, where do I start?”

You just bought this book and flipped through its pages.

 There are a lot of things to cover. There are different subjects, and different things to explore, and you might be asking “What if I can’t do this?”, or “What if it is too hard for me?”.

Don’t worry.

Take the contents and practices step-by-step, section-by-section, and chapter-by-chapter. Break it down take it one-by-one because this isn’t something that you just get in a day. It takes time, it takes awareness and some level of practice. By practicing the things in these chapters and doing the meditation, connecting with the energies, you are going to have steadily fast progress. We are going to do things like building the chi-ball, working with various spirits, the light of each of the planets, etc.

All these terms may be confusing right now.

That is perfectly normal.

All you need to do is sit in your chair, relax, but not too relaxed, be in an active sitting position where you are prompted with mediation or task to do in the moment, and you will be able to do it. You do not have to leave your room; you do not have to leave your space. All you need to do is in a quiet space, preferably with nobody around you, where you can practice quietly so that you can be silent and quiet to be in connection and in resonance with the planets, the geniuses, the spirits, that we will be connecting within the duration of this book.

You are going to have to have an amazing journey. It will all be worth it very quickly because it comes to ritual magic in general, is the most fun, valuable, and rewarding activity that you can do outside journaling and mediation.

In the next part, we will Introduce The First Chapter of the Book

If you want to go through a complete course to Gain an Accelerated ability in Skills & Transmissions, you can look at the complete magical evocation & Invocation course at the Mystery College or Perseus Academy. You can also check out our other course on the Practice of Magical Evocation by Mark Rasmus. One of our Partner schools, The Sixty Skills, is also working on Evocation & Invocation skills.

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