Evocation & Invocation Made Simple: The Complete How-to Guide Series Part Five, Chapter One: Serving Spirits

List of Articles in this Series so far: Part One: Introduction –– Part Two: Making the most out of this series of articles. Part Three: Chapter one, Creating a Magical Mindset––The key to Magical Success, Part Four: Chapter one, The Four Elements, Part Five: Chapter one, Serving Spirits

In this series of articles, we are going to go over how to do Evocation & Invocation.

Right now, I am in the process of creating a book on making Evocation & invocation far more efficient, and powerful & Beginner-friendly. Oftentimes, when authors make books, they lock themselves up in a room for days at a time over years & Write/edit their work simultaneously.

With this book, we are not going to do that.

Instead, we will write these blog posts publicly & get feedback as we create it. That way, the final product will be far more satisfactory & catered to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want out of the book. I’m not perfect, so I cannot make the perfect book alone. However, if we work on this together, we can make a book that is valuable & worthwhile for years to come.

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Note: I am not looking for typos or spelling errors as much as I am looking for structure, missing elements, interesting citations, & ways of keeping the book both concise, simple & completely practical. I love academics, but I want this book to be super practical and easy to use, first & foremost. If these articles make things approachable, then I am succeeding. If not, please let me specifically know how I can make this guide more approachable & universal.

Chapter One: Serving Spirits

Serving Spirits

When you’re invoking any beings from the different respective spheres, you’re welcome to ask these beings, especially the beings listed in Franz Bardon’s second book Practice of Magical Evocation, but also from other grimoires, for serving spirits.

Asking for a Serving Spirit to help you with any functions them in your day-to-day life, or when they’re needed. The benefits of getting serving spirits is that you will have these beings who can work or act on your behalf, virtually 24/7, for whatever types of purposes you need or are in your field or aura of consciousness. It’s not necessarily that you need to give define tasks and to any of these beings at any one time. It’s that they pick up things from your unconscious, and then they fulfill them without you need to be asking. If you’re working with a like being who is focused on writing and creating fantasy stories, and you ask a Chief Spirit to send you a serving spirit, he assigns one to you and he fills up a function where you get these very intense dreams that you can then turn into novels because they’re so detailed, and so filled out, that by the time you wake up and go to your dream journal.

Of course, working with Servant Spirits must be in line with your part of your path of service. If you’re not a fiction writer or screen writer, then that may not be as clear for you about that particular Genius. This is because the serving spirit is picking up from our astral unconscious and are helping to synchronize us towards whatever path we have set ourselves on. This s also, again, having the spirits to tap into our astral reservoirs. Because of that it, working with serving spirits, has some cost to our energy system. You must therefore be selective as to having what serving spirit you choose and to have work with you.  What it is worth having is to have at least one serving spirit for each respective element so one being from the air element, one being of the fire element, one being of the water, and one on earth element. Having one of those spirits from each respective sphere can help with your astral equilibrium –  very important.

It is also very important for being able as a prerequire to doing the Quadrapole Magnet Exercise, just to have them as a foundational base and that you can use them on in and you’re using a quadrapolar magnet when doing your invocation or evocation.

The serving Spirits are super flexible. They can help with tons of applications, with tons of cases, and is worth exploring in greater depth with the book. You can have these beings do things that are more in the physical reality or to help you realize your goals, wishes, and aspirations. However, it’s better to just do something like Akashic volting for that said case or to work with Qabalistic letters for that matter. You don’t want to  have any accounting with these serving spirits. Serving spirits aren’t ours. They are given to you or loaned to you by these respective being so that you fulfill your path of service and your path of ascension through light because were connecting with the string of beings though light, the serving spirits that they loan to us are also in resonance with that light. It is the lightness of us, not necessarily our egotistical selves, so they’re there to fulfill your light functions through service and through your ascension.

So because of that, we’re getting the benefit of using how they are able to attune with our Highest Potential respective of the sphere of influence that they have. When you are working with beings with a serving spirit, and you get a serving spirit from them, I think the best benefit of serving spirits would be for things that are functionally beneficial for the your path of service and of course, your ascension. For ascension that might be a spirit like Hyla in Taurus, who is extremely refined in the inside mind and can help you have incredible insight and be intune with, or in resonance with insight as your underlying force in life.

For other beings, such as beings in the moon sphere, you might want to work with the gatekeepers of each sphere – i.e. moon sphere, sun sphere –  and then have serving spirits for each of those respective spheres as well. For the sun sphere, I recommended to get receive a serving spirit with Emnasut, the first being for the sun sphere in Bardon’s Practice Of Magical Evocation book.

Sun Sphere spirits don’t mind being’ invoked for use cases because they’re so massive and vast in bi- location seems to be a non-issue for them and in any sense of the word, so having a clean and pure presence with you is completely manageable.

The Emnasut serving spirit had more to do with the Akashic flame that Emnasut can provide to burn up residual karma for ascension path and for service path as a teacher, if you need to help burn up peoples karma for their asencion or the service path and that is something you are obligated to do by any sense at work. Be very conscientious about what serving spirits you choose, it’s worth having one from each of  the respective spheres aside from Mars, Saturn, and the outer planets. Be highly cautious especially with Neptune and Pluto –  if you’re going to do outer planet spirits – and also with Uranus.

Working with spirits in Jupiter will be fine too. But with the other spheres, just be cautious when working with them. Serving spirits are definitely worth exploring and doing.

 One important point before the end of this section for serving spirits, you don’t you have a name or relationship to them and they can remain nameless because their particular function is to help synchronize you with your path of ascension, they don’t need any names, you don’t need to give them names. You just know that they’re there and by not attributing a name to it, we don’t create a relationship with it which is what we want, because establishing a relationship with something can also influence the ability it has to affect us. The things that affect us most in life often times are unpronounced and unconscious just like our culture our society the consensus of reality.

So even though it seems counterintuitive, there’s lot of truth in that. In one sense, we are more influenced by our family more than anyone else on the planet. In another sense through direct talking to family we can also be the most stubborn. For that reason, giving an attribute or name to the entities that particular serving spirits are working through us, serves a function for them to have really high-level changing us that were completely synchronize with that will ever need to do, or whatever the services of that serving spirit is for us to self-actualize. This is the same thing with accounting with normal spirits, like you wouldn’t want your serving spirit to try to help you levitate, doing weird siddhi-type behaviors, it’s not necessary. The accounting cost is far too high and it’s a quick path to being in servitude for infinity to a spirit, on some astral realm when you’re deceased, which is not what we want. We want to be free agents, free entities, free from any samsaric forces that bind us to karmically to earth, or others spheres. We just want to be free and choose whatever sphere we want to pass on – whether that be the ascension, whether that be rebirth that focuses on self-actualization in that lifetime; or we want to do that in this lifetime and we just want to go into paranirvana. Whatever it is you want to do, you want to make sure that you are quick to do so and that the resonances and connections can create all of them in your lifetime are in synchronicity with your ultimate goal of achieving self-actualization or achieving your path of service. Of course, the path of service has a multitude, much more flavor to it, in a sense

and the path ascension is all about releasing on everything. Keep these mechanics in mind when choosing a certain serving spirit and make sure they’re synchronous with either one of those goals.

If you want to go through a complete course to Gain an Accelerated ability in Skills & Transmissions, you can look at the complete magical evocation & Invocation course at the Mystery College or Perseus Academy. You can also check out our other course on the Practice of Magical Evocation by Mark Rasmus. One of our Partner schools, The Sixty Skills, is also working on Evocation & Invocation skills.

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