Elastic Force Book Bonus

Thank you for your Purchase of the Elastic Force Book.

Here is an outline of the chapters and useful corresponding videos:

Chapter 1: Theory And Basics

What is the science behind the fascial web?

Best exercise to train the Fascial Web:

 Posture Best Practices

The Four Elements

Quantitative and Qualitative keys

Concept of Sung

Difference between Chi Gong and Tai Chi

Qualitative Vs. Quantitative Keys

Training Progression & Targets

On Posture (Seated & Standing

Chapter 2: Building the Ball and The Three Transformations

Building the ball Theory 

Building Power vs. Sensitivity– Postures & Asanas

Building the Ball: The Full Sequence

We discussed the full sequence of building the Chi ball, which includes the following: 

1. Get into a strong posture (standing or seated) 

2. Breath vital energy into the space in between your hands

3. Condense the feeling of vital energy into a chi ball between your hands 

4. Rub the energy in-between your hands 

5.  Slicing the Energy Up & Down

6, Arching the Fingers–

a.  put your hands in the The “Tiger Claw” pose

b. Build “the pearls” by rotating the fingers in between each other 21 times each (105 rotations total) 

7. Scan up and down the arms
8. Bounce up and down the arms
9. Press up and down the arms
10. sweep up and down the arms

11. Compress etc energy 

12. Store the energy & increase your rate of transformation 

13. Conclude or continue the exercise. 

Changing Volume & signal up and down: life Force

In this section, We discussed how you can change energy on a horizontal plane and a vertical plane.

The Three Transformations & Pillar of Light

The First Transformation: Vital to Astral

The Second Transformation: Astral to Mental

The Third Transformation: Mental to Akashic

Pillar of Light Exercise

Make a prayer, “May the path of light guide & protect.”

Chapter 3:

10 Pointed structure:

10 Points of Structural Alignment Sifu Mark Rasmus Chiang Mai Thailand September 2012

Chapter 4:

Chapter 5:
Chapter 6:

Chapter 7:

Chapter 8:

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