The Complete Universal Evocation & Invocation Masterclass

Jake · July 9, 2022

Imagine If You Just Now Received the Key to Accessing every Energy, Every Entity, and Every Opportunity in the Universe…

This Course is a Practical Guide for Evoking & Invoking Spirits, Geniuses, Intelligences & Muses from all Traditions

What is the definition of Evocation?

To define evocation, it is the act of calling forth or summoning a spirit, memory, or emotion, often through specific rituals or incantations. In spiritual and magical contexts, evocation involves invoking entities or forces to manifest in a tangible form for communication, guidance, or influence. This practice is commonly found in various religious, esoteric, and occult traditions, where practitioners seek to connect with higher powers or inner energies for personal growth and insight.

Practical Magical Evocation & Invocation with Jake Green

The popularity of topics on the occult, mysticism, and esotericism has been on a steady rise due to the advent of the internet. Many books and courses have sprouted here and there, claiming to have the best and most authoritative claim on the subject. After all, who would not want to study the hidden realities that we meet every single day and communicate with them? Who would not want to achieve their full potential by taking advantage of the assistance of these hidden forces to one’s advantage so that they can get through life better, healthier, and wealthier?

Anyone can go to the internet and see the tons of content available on occult topics. However, despite the many courses, books, and content available, some are just impractically expensive or are taught wrongly by people who just read a few books and are now claiming to be teachers without doing the leg work.

This course is different.

Too often than not, most magical practitioners are deeply dissatisfied with the results they are producing through invocation and evocation. Practitioners are constantly confused with all the correspondences and rituals, which are becoming outdated relics of the past. The result: people start becoming “arm-chair magicians” because of intellectualizing the process too much and not actually doing the magical work. Practitioners become inflexible about the true nature of evocation and invocation instead of looking at it from the angle of time-tested principles.

This course will teach you techniques that will make you a brilliant magician and get you out of the “arm-chair”. Taught by the long-time magician and teacher Jake Green, this course will provide you with practical and time-tested steps into achieving practical magical evocation. Jake has sat and trained under various teachers and has practiced magical evocation for years. In his practice, he has worked and learned under the tutelage of many spirits through invocation and evocation.

This course not only teaches techniques, but it also provides you with transmissions of various spirits and planets so that you can work with them more effectively and get the most of what they have to offer.

This course is an absolute a fantastic resource for anybody studying magic and mysticism. This course is a treasure trove of information that fills in gaps found in Western and Eastern Magic that would benefit from comments from a practitioner who has worked with and clarified many of its concepts over the years.

What you will get from this Course

This course will gain you the ability to safely evoke and invoke virtually any spirit, genius, universal intelligence, or muse, starting with the spirits of our planetary hierarchy. Getting this course will help you learn the principles needed to create the ultimate magic circle, and you will be able to increase the efficiency and energetic power development for your innovation and evocations by 10x.

This course will provide you with materials to construct a method by which you can achieve most of the benefits that are possibly magically that can be obtained without the negative debt incurred from working with spirits through magical pacts and accounting.

What you will learn from this Course

This course will not only introduce you to various occult topics if you have not learned about them already, but also deepen your understanding on topics that you may have previously learned.

The course will walk you through not only practical evocation but also the following:

  • Magical tools and how best to work with them
  • Working with and creating elementals
  • Invoking energies of planets for neutralizing the effects of spheres
  • Invoking the beings of the elements
  • The Quadrapolar Magnet Exercises
  • Using Light to work with Evocation
  • Circuit Training Energy for Power Generation
  • Automatic Writing
  • 30-day Accelerated Action Plan (Coming soon…) 
  • And many more topics!

This course not only offers you deep insights into various occult and esoteric topics, but it will also provide transmissions and attunements for working with different planets and spirits so that you can communicate and work with them yourself!

Some transmissions and attunements offered in this course are the following:

  • Akashic Transmission
  • Light of the Evocational Magician
  • Light of the Planets Attunement
  • Working with the Mercurial Sphere
  • Working with the Venusian Sphere
  • Working with the Sun Sphere
evocation course review

Getting the Most out of this Course

To get the most out of this course, practice and note-taking is to be expected.

Being an engaged learner is the first step in making the most of the course.

This implies that you are listening attentively to the videos. You can simply sit back in your chair, unwind, and absorb the information. Have a notebook nearby, make notes, ask questions, and attempt to respond to them as you read the information. Digital notes can also be taken on computers or mobile devices.

Making notes is the second step.

Before and after your meditation sessions, while you are listening, and during your practice sessions, it is crucial that you keep a journal so that you can compare your before and after pictures and make the necessary adjustments. You can fix your mistakes if you are aware of them.

Making sure you have the correct attitude is the third stage.

Before beginning the exercises in this course, close your eyes and reflect on times when you felt very confident about what you were doing.  In ceremonial magic, everything we do revolves around reaching a peak level and doing it on demand. For example, when we open our magic circle, we instantaneously enter a peak state of rapture, bliss, or whatever emotion is necessary to perform the ritual.

All doors will be opened by doing the work and doing it diligently.

The last thing you might want to do is pretend that I am present with you as you go through this course.

 According to the Akashic principle, which we will explore more in the course, Akasha is not bound by space or time. So, when I’m sending these messages to you, time and space are not constraints on us. I am communicating with you through video. By applying the same theory, just tune in with me and see if you can transfer into the position I am in right now, or the classroom where I’m lecturing. To claim this course as your own, connect with me through the screen where this course is conveyed & be with me there.

Course Introduction:

Learn about this innovative system of invocation & evocation, discover the key benefits of doing invocation first before evocation, & unlock the key to Franz Bardon’s system through the secret “backdoor” only insiders know about.

Through the little-known methods of this course, you can begin evocation & start from step 10, even if you are still abeginner struggling with the first few steps of the Initiation process (ie: concentration exercises, soul mirror work)

Magical Mindset:

In this section, we unveil the hidden magic of evocation that lurk behind the success & failure that most people have when doing this work. We’ll work on affirmations, mindset & the hidden habits of highly successful magicians

Your Magical Tools:

Here, you will discover the little-known ins and outs behind the magical instruments in the evocation process. You will gain the simplest & most time-efficient methods of evocation & invocation.

Beginner Exercises:

Here you will get the most basic (and easiest) exercises that will act as super-accelerators for your progress. We reverse engineer the macro-level aspects of the initiation process. We Then 10x speed this process up through both invocation & working with nature.

Basic Transmissions:

Here, we go straight to step 10 of the Initiation Process on a macro level & get the attunements we need to unlock the entire Initiation & Evocation systems. Here we are bypassing YEARS of work to get the engines that will accelerate our progress today.

While we may not be a master of all 10-step exercises, we will gain the intuition & light energies to do all exercises successfully & without hindrance

evocation course review

Working with & Creating Elementals:

In this section, we will work with elementals to connect us with various aspects of our light bodies & to synchronize us with all the skillsets we need for the Initiation process & evocation process. In addition, we have an opportunity to create elementals to increase our clarity of intent. We can also choose to create elementals for each of the exercises in the initiation text, or just the core exercises we work on in this course.

Invoking the Energies of Planets Preliminaries:

In this section, we are working on the theory section of working with the various planets through three categories:  Working with the light energy of the planet, working with the beings of the planet, and working with the master of the planetary sphere

Invoking the beings of the Earth Sphere & the Quadrapolar magnet Exercise:

Here we will encounter one of the most powerful techniques in the entire framework, the quadrupolar magnet exercise using the four beings of the elements. We will learn how to invoke the beings of each of the respective shares & then Evoke them into. the corners of our magic circle. You will feel an immense benefit & surplus of concentration abilities from this exercise.

Complete Planetary & Solar System Attunement:

This section of the course is currently the only source in the world to get all of the planetary attunements in one place. Traditionally, you would only get transmissions up to the sunsphere, but I have provided transmissions for each * every sphere, even the more notorious mars & saturn spheres. I have devised safety mechanics that make these transmissions safe & effective to use. (Note: if you do not feel ready for Mars, Saturn, Neptune, or Pluto attunements, DON’T do them unless you know that you are mature enough. Connect with non-dual light & your highest level of attunement and ask yourself this before proceeding past the sunsphere to receive your answer)  If you end up that you don’t like working with individual beings to gain skills & abilities, then this is the only part of the course that you need to successfully complete the entirety of planetary magic & master this system.

Working with the Earth sphere:

In this section, we will connect with the Original intelligence of the earth sphere like Aschmunadai & the master of the Earthsphere.  (we connected with the light of the Earth Sphere in the Complete planetary attunement section)

For more, you can check out the bonus section on energy circuit training that includes exercises with. The first five beings girdling the earth.

Working with the moon sphere:

In The moon sphere section, we will connect with the first being of the moon sphere, mentally wander on the surface of the moonsphere, & we will invoke the master of the moonsphere to remove the negative astral influences of the moon on our souls.

By equalizing & working with this sphere, we will continually get rid of negative astral influences & become far less influenced by negative biorhythms of the moon & remain equanimous to the influences of the moon. (of course we can ampliphy the positive effects of the moon & keep it under our direct influence)

Working with the Mercury Sphere:

In this section, we will gain the transmissions  of the Shemorash angels (ie: the 72 genii of the mercury zone) . We will connect with Vehumiah & the master of the mercury sphere, explore the “akashic library” of the mercury sphere, & learn how to increase cleanse our mind of troubles & intellectual constraints through expanding our mental awareness. Instead of coming across  “problems” & “questions”  we will have “solutions” channel through us on a day-to-day basis.

Working with the Venus sphere:

In this part of the journey, we will  explore the Venus Sphere, go over preliminary cautions for working with Venusian energy, & then begin working with beings. We will explore the beings & buildings in the Vensus sphere connect with the master of the Venus sphere to help liberate us of our attachments, aversions, & desires on a personal, cultural, societal, & evolutionary consciousness scale. We will also unveil a secret mirror technique that will unlock your best presentation & aspirations for your live’s path. The secret mirror will then act as a magnet to attract the energies & intellectual faculties to match your highest potential.

Working with the Sunspehre:

In this section, we cover the theory of working with the sun sphere. For this section, we connect through the quadripolar magnet exercise through the light of the sun sphere. We then have our first encounter with the master of the sun sphere, the most powerful, cultivated individualized intelligence that is a microcosm of God in our solar sphere. We will then learn how to connect the light of the sun to the light of our earth, so that “heaven & Earth can meet.” Additionally, there is a bonus exercise of working with little-known intelligence that live at the center of our earth that can unlock a real-life cheat code to stream High-intensity light 24/7

Working with the Sunsphere Entities:

In this section, we will work with the first 12 beings of the Sunsphere. It is recommended that you work with every being of the sun sphere and listed in “Practice of Magical Evocation” If you work with them in order, you will gain tremendous insight that will help you gain universal consciousness & universal faculties. By the time you finish working with all 46 beings of the sun sphere, you will have developed a hyper-charged magical circle that is complete on a micro & microcosmic scale, you’ll have THE complete magic circle (No one knows about this but very high-level adepts & magicians who the sun sphere beings let in on their secrets… Until now!)


Bonus: Using light through the Initiation exercises:

Now that you’ve gone through the course, you can now go through all the Initiation exercises with dozens (& more realistically, millions) of various forms of light, whether they be the light of the planets, the light of the spirits you’ve worked with or various kabbalistic frequencies the spirits have initiated you in. Now is the time when you can circuit train through the ten steps framework & unlock the true dimensions of the Initiation path (which is a lifelong work of exponential refinement & skills amplification.)   Now you have the true keys to a universal initiation because you’ve been initiated into the sun sphere

Bonus: Circuit Training for energy power development

Here is a method of energy development by working with the various beings of the earth’s sphere to gain a superpowered spiritual network with the most powerful beings in our sphere. By working with all of the beings of the earth sphere, you will gain a vast network of the most powerful intelligences, influences, muses & geniuses who will help you to fulfil your path of service & ascension with the greatest level of synchronicities possible. Open all the doors & awaken all the faculties & connections you need to succeed for what you were born to accomplish & share with the world.

Bonus: Automatic writing course

Learn how to translate the insights you gain from the course into your day-to-day practices. Learn about the vibrational scales of light, and how to connect with spirits in a way that is for your highest purpose, & unlock the feedback mechanisms that you need to be on your highest path of spiritual growth.

Bonus Evocation Deep Dive:

In this section, we will uncover all of the deepest yearnings & questions about the Evocation process as asked by members of this course. If you have any questions or video requests that don’t fit into the other modules, then they will likely end up here.

Bonus: 30-day accelerated Action Plan

This is the section for those who are willing to make this course a part-time job for the next month (3-4 hours a day of High-quality practice.) f you are super serious about this practice, then this is the best way to get the most out of the course.

Note: The 30-Day action plan is still in development & will be hosted through a special online portal where you will be tracked, measured, and held accountable to follow through with all the steps. You will be expected to log in daily and complete the lectures, practices & lessons. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Evocation?

Evocation is the act of calling forth or summoning a spirit, memory, or emotion, often used in rituals or ceremonies to invoke supernatural entities or powers.

What is Evocation Wizard 5e?

Evocation Wizard in 5e D&D specializes in manipulating energy to create powerful spells. They excel at dealing damage, shaping magical forces into destructive blasts, and controlling elemental energies to devastate foes.

What is Evocation Wizard BG3?

Evocation Wizard in BG3 (Baldur’s Gate 3) is a character class specializing in destructive and powerful magic spells, focusing on harnessing raw energy to damage and eliminate enemies effectively.

What is Evocation Spells 5e?

Evocation Spells in D&D 5e are a type of magic that manipulates energy to create powerful effects like explosions, elemental damage, and force fields. These spells are designed for offensive and defensive purposes, dealing significant damage or protecting the caster and allies.

What are the Evocation spells?

Evocation spells are a type of magic that conjures and controls elemental energies to produce powerful effects like creating fire, summoning lightning, or generating force. These spells are often used for offensive or defensive purposes in magical practices.

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September 26, 2022 11:12 am

Je ne valide le cours tant que je n’ai pas tout compris la leçon du video. Merci

November 11, 2022 1:18 pm

Hello I just bought this course and it’s not showing up on my account. I have no access to it, can you please help?

November 13, 2022 10:57 pm
Reply to  Jake

Thanks again I’m loving it

Deleted User
Deleted User
February 8, 2023 3:41 pm

Hello. Do you have a timeframe for when the accelerated 30 day course will be available? And will it be significantly more expensive than the regular course? Also, if I can tangibly feel a distance reiki attunement done over Skype, can I fully expect to tangibly feel these transmissions as well, even though the circumstances are a bit different? I understand the idea of the akashic principle – I’m just hesitant to spend so much when the main attraction is the transmissions, which are being delivered with multiple degrees of separation from the ideal of receiving them in person. Thanks!

Deleted User
Deleted User
February 9, 2023 10:41 am
Reply to  Jake

Thank you for the detailed response. When my subscription to Mark’s Initiation course (on Vimeo) expires at the end of this month, I’m going to get right into this. I’m looking forward to it!

May 14, 2023 1:53 am

Dear Sir,
I opened the accelerated 30 day course right away without going through the main course material. I came to know that people who are beginning should go through the main course material first before going for the 30 day plan. I am going through the main course as of now. Hope it is the right way. Or should I practice the tasks being given in the 30 day material.
Love and regards

September 14, 2023 4:12 pm

I’ve done tried many spiritual systems and this is the best by far. I had no idea how fun, easy and effective magic can be. I have found love, inspiration and so much more. The two best choices I’ve made are buying this course and then doing the work!

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