Reiki Healing Pro: The Complete Energy Healer Course for Beginners to Professionals in 2024

Reiki Healing Pro: The Complete Energy Healing Course is the most comprehensive and extensive training program on Reiki healing available today. This online course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices of Reiki, as well as the skills and knowledge needed to become a Reiki Master. The course covers everything from the history and philosophy of Reiki to advanced techniques for healing and energy balancing.   Gain access to over 30 hours of lectures across 30 modules and over 400+ lessons!   Enroll Today!  

Jake · March 2, 2023
Reiki Healing

Live a Joyful and Meaningful Life With Reiki Healing

Learn everything there is to know about Reiki healing in order to heal yourself, transform your life, and align with your soul’s purpose.


If Reiki healing is your life’s mission, this course will also teach you how to build a prosperous Reiki practice so that you can spend your days guiding others through their healing.

You already have everything You Need to heal

It’s common to spend your life searching for healing outside of yourself. After all, we were conditioned to believe that someone else knew all the answers. But that’s not as true as you think it is.

Don’t get me wrong; there are times when healing calls for the support and guidance of a person who can hold space for you during the process. But what you might not realize is that when you work with a healer, they are not giving you the answers—they’re guiding you to discover the keys to your own healing Reiki. Because, ultimately, no one knows you like you do…

Even the most well-trained reiki healers will attest to that!

What this means is that you already have what it takes to heal yourself—amazing! It’s just a matter of getting the right keys to unlock that untapped power.

As a Reiki healer, you can send yourself the reiki healing energy you need, whenever you need it, and direct it to the part of your mind, body, or spirit that needs it most. Plus, you can help those around you in need of their own healing by channeling energy through you and to them.

What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki healing is a form of energy therapy that originated in Japan. It involves the practitioner channeling universal life force energy through their hands to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. This holistic practice aims to balance the body’s energy, reduce stress, and support overall well-being. Reiki healing sessions are typically non-invasive, with the practitioner placing their hands lightly on or just above the client’s body to facilitate energy flow.

And what makes it such a powerful reiki healing modality?

Reiki channels potent universal energy to shift these subtle energies in a way that benefits the physical body, the mind, and the spirit. Because Reiki uses an abundant energy source, it can re-energize the body when you’re feeling weighed down, or physically and emotionally drained. It can also heal emotional scars caused by trauma and life’s challenges.

In fact, reiki healing is so powerful that you can use it to heal wounds from past lives, so you can move through this one with more ease. Master the reiki healing is not that much difficult to be honest.

Reiki healing can also make positive shifts in your energy field. For instance, let’s imagine you’re struggling with feelings of loneliness. This might be a symptom of a blocked heart chakra. Reiki healing can balance that chakra so you feel more connected to the people in your life and more open to building new relationships. With our reiki healing course you will get to know more about the chakras.

reiki energy healing
reiki healer

Debra London

This reiki healing course was amazing to learn and I’m very joyful knowing that I can send Reiki to many people and animals. Thank You Jake so much for being such a wonderful reiki healer and giving the attunements along with letting me know that journaling is very important.

The Universe WANTS you to break through your resistance and trust yourself–we have good news and bad news about this…

Let’s start with the good news…

If you haven’t already felt it, the vibration of the planet is rising, and we are all called to shift with it.

Sometimes this calling feels like the gnawing desire to heal the wounds keeping you from entering a new phase of your life. It can be the yearning for deeper connections with your friends and family–or to find a loving life partner. It sometimes shows up when there is a strong pull toward your dream career or business. Or in the way your intuition has recently gently guided you through a rough patch.

Sometimes it’s more direct and it manifests in those hard-to-describe synchronicities and mystical experiences you can’t really talk to anyone about without them thinking you’ve lost your mind (we get it–we have those too). And other times, the calling takes it up a notch and you begin to awaken psychic abilities that might be a little overwhelming at first.

Ultimately, it’s anytime you see yourself in your dream life and get the sense that there is more to this life thing than the world lets on.

If this is you, then you’re probably about to see a massive transformation in your life. But only If you take the steps to lean into it.

Bad news is that so many of us still resist this shift and don’t take these steps. We don’t trust ourselves. We even question our intuition, only to later regret not listening to it. We dismiss our experiences as mere coincidence. Or even worse, sometimes we acknowledge these messages but deep down we feel like we don’t deserve to have the happiness, love, and fulfillment that we desire.

This is where most people are when they embark on their spiritual path. They begin to look inwards and ask themselves, “but why do I believe this about myself?” or “Where do these beliefs come from?” Beautiful moment! Because the minute we take a step back to ask ourselves these profound questions, we start to realize where we are not in alignment with our soul’s true purpose. And actively working to come into alignment is where the real work starts…

Reiki healer

Austin Giltus

“At first I was a bit skeptical, but I now see that reiki and mindfulness go hand in hand. I didn’t really have a good grasp of what reiki is going into it, but these videos are very easy to understand, even for a total novice like myself. I also appreciate that the teacher emphasizes that it is supposed to work together with conventional medicine instead of being a replacement for it.”

Deep reiki healing needs deeper effort and time

Sure, it happens that many people start to feel the benefits of Reiki almost instantly, but it’s important to remember that Reiki is not a magic pill that cures generations of trauma in one session.

Reiki healing is NOT a destination. It’s a journey that can be made easier with the right tools, guidance, and support.

Practical spiritual teachings broken down so that you can instantly apply what you learn

Meet your Reiki Healer

Jake Reiki Healer

Hi kindred spirit, I’m Jake Green

If you’re reading this then that means we share the same passion for spiritual development and mindfulness. Just like you, I was called to this path. So I’ve spent most of my adult life traveling the world to serve my community and contribute to raising the vibration of the collective consciousness.

I’m honored to have learned from spiritual teachers from different traditions and walks of life. It’s my life’s work to help as many people as I can by sharing the knowledge imparted to me. You are absolutely right in knowing that there is more to life than this! Because through the teachings I’ve been gifted, I’ve seen and explored the deepest levels of reality.

Reiki has been an important part of my own journey of healing and self-discovery. So I’ve made it my life’s mission to guide people like you to greater spiritual well-being so that you can connect with your true self and reach your full potential. My hope is that you are able to fill your cup so much that you pass the fruits of these teachings on to others who might need them.

Introducing Reiki Healing Pro

Reiki Healing

A comprehensive course that will guide you from the very basics of Reiki to becoming a certified Reiki Level II practitioner.

Our simple framework to help you succeed as a Reiki healer


With easy-to-follow modules, you can work at your own pace, and take what you need to delve as deeply into Reiki as you’d like.


Keeping track of your progress toward a Reiki lifestyle made easier with our platform’s built-in daily habit tracker.


Get your Reiki healing Level II certification from Mystery College and start healing yourself, your loved ones, and even your pets


Connect with like-minded people who are on the same path as you by getting immediate access to our community’s active Facebook group.

430+ video lectures, 30+ hours of video content, 30+ video modules, dozens of tasks and exercises


Module 1

– Learn how to use the reiki healing Course Platform

– Gain access to the 20k+ word community collective notebook (and become a Reiki author by taking notes in this document!)

– A simple approach to becoming a world-class Reiki healing expert.


Module 2

– Gain access to the hidden knowledge behind the Reiki Power symbol (the Cho Ku Rei)

– Learn the basics of everything you need to know to become a Reiki level I practitioner

– Discover how you can heal yourself starting today

– Awaken your Reiki healing abilities through the Reiki attunement ceremony

– Prepare yourself for awakening latent gifts you have– Think artistry, intuitive abilities, your ability to feel energy & many more!

professional attunement

Module 3

– Discover the secrets behind the Emotional/Mental Balance symbol (The Sei Hei Ki)

– Unlock the profound mystery behind the Reiki healing Time & Distance symbol (The Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen symbol)

– Learn how to perform more advanced healing sessions with yourself.

– Awaken your ability to heal others at a distance & through time

– Ignite your inner light to perform Advanced Reiki abilities through the Professional Reiki Attunement Ceremony

– Start healing others through your Reiki abilities

– You can also now start a Reiki healing business as a level two practitioner (More on how to do this later in the course!)

master attunement

Module 4

– Unlock the secrets behind the Reiki Master Symbol (The Dai Ko Myo symbol)

– Awaken your abilities to be able to attune others to Reiki through the Reiki Attunement Ceremony

– Awaken your abilities to channel Reiki energy at a powerful level

– Open the floodgates to awakening the deepest parts of your intuitive abilities and your “sixth sense”


Module 5

– Discover how you can use Reiki to help yourself and others through the process of Personal development

– Learn key insights about how you can use Reiki to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, burnout, lethargy, fatigue, or depression through the use of reiki

– Discover the various ways you can apply Reiki healing to your personal development journey through your health, wealth, relationships, and Spirituality

– Develop the ability to help others with specific issues regarding personal development through the use of Reiki


Module 6

– Discover the key insights into how a journaling practice can elevate your Reiki channeling abilities 11x!

– Learn how you can start & maintain a journaling practice on Reiki in order to become a true Reiki master

– Learn about the difference between events & processes & discover your process to becoming a World-class energy healer.

– Learn about the different methods and mediums of journaling to optimize your energy healing practice

– Become a master of any energy-related process by finding the energetic signature & feeling behind them through balancing your intuition and intellect

master practices

Module 7

– Become a true Expert in applying the Reiki healing symbols in a masterful way

– Find out the advanced use cases for the Reiki power symbol, the emotional/mental balance symbol, the distance symbol, & the master symbol

– Learn how to perform intuitive energy surgery on yourself or others’ energy bodies to precisely remove the negative energy that’s keeping us stuck

– Awaken your talent to discover new advanced Reiki practices for yourself & others–be a pioneer in the field of Reiki

reiki symbol

Module 8

– Gain complete mastery over the Reiki healing Power symbols.

– Discover the endless possibilities of using the Reiki Power symbol in ways that have never been published before (until now!)

– Find out the advanced use cases of the power symbol to enhance every aspect & area of your life

– Use the reiki Power symbols to enhance your quality of life

balance symbol

Module 9

– Unlock the abilities to perform Reiki at the mental and emotional level for advanced Reiki practitioners

– Learn more ways than ever to maintain mental and emotional balance throughout your day

– Discover the unique ways to have more lifestyle balance than ever before

distance symbol

Module 10

– Discover how you can use Reiki distance healing symbol on yourself or others without being subject to time, space or place!

– Heal yourself and others in the past, present, or future with these advanced spiritual techniques

– Heal others at a distance through reiki healing symbols, no matter where in the world they are located

– Learn the deepest intrinsic metaphysics behind Reiki that show you how to transcend your present limitations and perceptions of reality


Module 11

– Discover the techniques to understanding the most advanced use cases for the Reiki master symbol

– Learn more in-depth how you can attune others to Reiki energy as a teacher or to simply help clients learn self-healing.

– Activate your innate ability to go the very peak state & experience of any emotion, feeling or energy quickly

– Further empower your Reiki energy healing ability further than you ever thought possible


Module 12

– Discover the key benefits to using Reiki healing

– Discover your “Why” for doing Reiki and energy healing

– Discover how others–professionals, nurses, doctors, engineers—use Reiki to enhance the quality of life of themselves and even their patients

– Get your most eager questions answered about some of the basic core mysteries behind Reiki energy healing.

– Become a certified energy healer with our comprehensive energy healing training program

– Unlock your potential and transform lives through the power of energy healing.


Module 13

– Learn about using the quantitative & qualitative keys for developing a world-class Reiki Practice

– Discover the truth behind energies, resonances, & the “tuning forks’ for your life

– Experience profound transformation with our expert Reiki Master Healing sessions

– Learn the ways you can apply the energetic principles behind Reiki through the five precepts of Reiki

– Learn how to develop your own precepts & dedications to further amplify your quality of life & Reiki abilities


Module 14

– Learn how to develop your sixth sense through practicing Reiki

– Awaken your abilities to know, see, hear, feel, taste & touch beyond normal human perception

– Gain insight into how you can begin to “see” “feel” and “hear” energy for the first time

– Discover some advanced practice to further develop these abilities to help you become the best Reiki healer you can be

animal reiki

Module 15

– Learn how you can help reduce depression, anxiety, or pain for your furry (or feathery) loved ones

– Discover the different ways of working with animals & how it compares to working with humans

– Discover different methods of working with specific animals

– Gain insight into the energetic system of animals through scanning their chakras.

feeling energy

Module 16

– Discover how you can share energy healing practices like Qi gong, energy healing with absolute beginners.

– Learn how you can talk about energy through suggestive metaphors, exercises, and demonstrable examples

– Unlock your potential with our comprehensive energy healing training, designed to enhance your natural healing abilities.

– Discover the spectrum of people who are very open to energy healing to those who are less open.

– Learn ways of addressing your skills gap when working with less sensitive beginners through learning how to open their mental field

– Become a certified energy healer and transform lives through holistic healing practices


Module 17

– Learn about the three body model (physical, emotional, mental)

– Learn about the three most important energy categories to understand the universe (plus two bonus energies for advanced practitioners)

– Discover the secrets to working with energies other than Reiki healing

– Learn about the metaphysics & mechanics of why & how Reiki manifests


Module 18

– Learn how to connect with your ancestors through Reiki healing

– Discover how you can heal trauma through your ancestry

– Learn how to connect with the spirit world through each of your five sense gates

– Learn how to perform reiki on the deceased and those no longer with us to help them transition into heaven

– Discover how to help heal past ancestral trauma you or your clients may be burdening even now


Module 19

– Discover how you can use Reiki healing with plants to enhance your energy sensitivity quickly & safely

– Create life-long friendships with the nature around you

– Experience life through a completely refreshed lens

– Gain tons of excess energy simply by connecting with plant life around your neighborhood

– Learn advanced techniques of working with plants that have never been publicly revealed before


Module 20

– Learn how to work with specific Crystals & Gemstones for their unique energetic properties

– Learn how to intuitively feel gemstones & attribute purposes of how you can apply them in your day-to-day life

– Discover the secrets of the rock & mineral kingdom in relation to energetic & spiritual practices

– Learn to tune yourself & clients to the specific healing frequencies of many different gemstones


Module 21

– Learn the secrets behind creating & tuning into the thousands of Reiki healing symbols available online

– Discover the secret color technique to create even more powerful Reiki symbols

– Learn how to channel & create your own Reiki healing symbols that are entirely unique & especially powerful for any positive or beneficial purposes.

– Learn the metaphysical principles behind symbols, sigils, words & attunements


Module 22

– Become a Reiki Bodhisattva in one of four categories.

– Explore the origins of Reiki through the perspective of Vajrayana Buddhism in Japan–– through Tendai Buddhism & Shingon Buddhism

– Discover practical ways that you can apply your newfound skills in Reiki through altruism, service, or through your life’s work

– Learn how to tune into and connect with your highest purpose of being alive–connect with your deepest, most profound sense of “why” & what you were born to do


Module 23

– Discover how you can produce amazing, original ideas through journaling & share your best insights with the world

– Learn how to refine your practice & ideas so that you become an original thinker and trail-blazer in the world of Reiki thought leaders

– Become a multi-media expert by learning how to use different forms and mediums to record your practice & insights

– Discover your Reiki personal brand through the process of sharing & implementing ideas you unveil through the introspective process of journaling

reiki chakras

Module 24

– Learn how to work with the chakra system on an individual basis

– Learn the key aspects to scan for when scanning someone’s energetic body

– Discover how you can release or add energy to certain chakra regions in order to facilitate the healing process for yourself & future patients

– Become Competent at being able to scan anyone’s chakras using your sight or feeling sense gates

reiki history

Module 25

– Learn about the history of the founders of Reiki

– Learn about the ways people traditionally learned Reiki & how they used to give transmissions person-to-person

– Learn about the secret history behind oral transmissions from teacher to student (Hint: it’s not knowledge being shared, it is energetic transmissions)

– Discover how Reiki became adopted & regularly used by of millions of people worldwide

distance reiki

Module 26

– Learn how to heal others at a distance

– Uncover how to heal large groups of people at a distance

– Unlock the ability to give energetic attunements & transmissions to others online

– Discover how you can set up a Reiki distance practice to heal others from home!


Module 27

– Have you ever wanted to create a consistent meditation practice & routine? Have you ever wondered how you could use meditation to enhance every aspect of your life? When you are already attuned to Reiki, it makes the process of meditation much, much easier! Through learning Reiki & applying this unique perspective of meditation, we can start off as complete beginners in mediation & begin to finally experience states of relaxation and ease in our day-to-day


Module 28

– Instant access to Reiki attunements

– Reinvigorate your connection with Reiki energy

– Strengthen your connection with each of the Reiki symbols

– Deepen your overall Reiki practice

Join Now

Bonus Courses to get you started on building a Reiki business with little fuss and in record time!


Reiki Business Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Pack

This pack includes everything you need to run your Reiki practice smoothly and effectively, freeing up your time to focus on healing and helping others. With templates and guides, you’ll have everything you need to successfully run your own Reiki healing practice. You’ll also discover the best inbound marketing techniques to promote your company and attract new customers. This comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) pack will help you set up a professional and well-run Reiki business.

Reiki Content Creation Media Kit

Build an airtight online presence, foster deeper connections with your target audience, and ultimately expand your Reiki business so that more people can reap the benefits of this ancient healing modality. This bonus course will give you the tools and knowledge you need to create compelling and engaging content for your Reiki practice. You’ll also unlock the secrets to creating different types of content (photos, captions, videos, talking head recordings, and podcasts) at lightning speed with the Reiki Content Batching Technique. AI is all the buzz right now. You’ll learn how to use artificial intelligence in the content creation process to improve the quality and effectiveness of your content.

content creation

Reiki Contracts

It is important to have clear contracts in place to protect both yourself and your clients. That’s why we offer Reiki customizable contract templates for practitioners in commonwealth countries. These contracts are designed to cover all the important aspects of a Reiki session, including liability, confidentiality, and payment terms.

*It’s important to note that while these contracts can provide a great starting point, it is essential to consult a lawyer, as well as local Reiki practitioners and government officials in your area, to ensure that you are complying with all legal requirements and regulations. Different countries and regions may have varying laws and regulations surrounding Reiki practices and professional services, and it is your responsibility to make sure that you are following the appropriate guidelines.

Reiki Personal Branding

You will learn how to create your personal brand and position yourself as a professional Reiki healer both in-person and online. In the world of Reiki, you are your business. Personal branding is essential to attracting more clients. The course will guide you in defining your unique strengths, skills, and experiences. You will find your voice as a professional Reiki healer so that you set yourself apart from other healers.

personal branding

Get Instant Access to Reiki Healing Pro and Start Your Reiki Healing Journey

  • 430+ lectures spread over 30 hours of reiki healing video content
  • Dozens of tasks and exercises
  • Daily habit tracker
  • Access to a community of kindred spirits in our Facebook group
  • Certification by Jake Green through Mystery College
  • Reiki Attunement Ceremony from Reiki level 1 to Master level


  • Reiki Business SOP
  • Content creation media kit
  • Marketing master kit
  • Reiki contracts
  • Reiki Personal Branding
  • Brand presence audited personally by Jake Green
  • Contribute and be published into the community course book

Our Guarantee to You

We want you to be excited and confident about joining our course.

That’s why we give you 30 days to put in the work and discover the amazing powers of Reiki without any risk.

If you decide within the first 30 days of the course that it isn’t a good fit for you, just let us know and we’ll give you your money back.

We value your time and money, which is why we put a lot of dedication into bringing this course to you.

How much does this reiki healing course cost?

We don’t want to make promises we can’t keep. But the beauty of this reiki healing course is that it can pay for itself if you apply its teachings.

We know that this is easier said than done, which is why we’ve set it all up in a way that keeps you accountable and progressing. By working through the content and using the daily habit tracker, you can use Reiki to remove the blocks separating you from your abundance. Doing this will allow you to naturally attract wealth to yourself.

And for the times that you think, “But what if this works for others and not for me?” you will have the support of the wonderful community to hold you accountable for that limited belief and to remind you that you are worthy of the abundance and prosperity you desire!

Our students know that sometimes all it takes is a small leap of faith.


I am very much enjoying this course, it has inspired me to look at crystal Reiki healing. Currently a mental health nurse, Level 1 Attuned Reiki. I really enjoy the music for reiki healing. This has helped my practice in guarding myself and and helping me become a better nurse. Thanks to the Reiki healer.

Melissa Hall


The calm of the teacher was healing in itself. His voice has a hypnotic quality and his thoughtfulness in words and presentation puts one at great ease and ready to learn. The pacing of the material felt respectful and a lot of good information was imparted. I am excited to learn more. Now I properly understand the reiki healing benefits. I can proudly say this Reiki Healing course pushed me a lot.

Kavya Nagesh

You’ve heard it a million times before, but there really is no time like the present. Ask yourself this…How many times today have you stopped what you were doing to daydream about a future version of yourself that was happy, fulfilled, vibrant, and living life with more ease?

The truth is that many people spend their lives stuck in these daydreams but never actually bring them to life. These are the barriers that the global community of healers work to shatter and heal within themselves and the collective consciousness.

And it’s working! Now it’s time for you to awaken to your personal truth and tell yourself…

“Now IS the right time for me to start!”


“I CAN do this!”

Join us in this space and sign up for Reiki Healing Pro today!

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